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The Rate of Fares are Revised and Implemented in the State for Various Services as follows:

  • 58 paise for City/Ordinary Services
  • 62 paise for City Fast Services
  • 62 paise for Fast Passenger/Limited Stop FP Services
  • 65 paise for Super Fast Services
  • 70 paise for Super Express Services
  • 80 paise for Super Deluxe/Semi Sleeper Services
  • 100 paise for Luxury/High-Tech/Air Conditioned Services
  • 120 paise for Volvo Services

The Prescribed Minimum Charge as Revised are:

  • Rupees 6.00 for City/Ordinary services/City Fast Services
  • Rupees 8.00 for Fast passenger/ Limited Stop Fast Passenger Services
  • Rupees 12.00 for Super Fast Services
  • Rupees17 00 for Super Express
  • Rupees 25 for Super Deluxe/ Semi Sleeper Services
  • Rupees 35 for Luxury/Hi-tech/Air Conditioned/Volvo Services.

Revised KRSTC fares are applicable w.e.f. from 11-Nov-2012 00.00 hours.

Historical Fares

In 1938, least tariff was half a Chakram and first class tickets were charged 50% more than usual. Fare for children below 3 years was completely slashed, while for children over 3 and below 14, it was half of the adult’s fare. Carrying luggage was usually simple as there was no luggage ticket. However, in case of a luggage weighing anywhere between 28 to 56 pounds, charges equivalent to 4 chakras were taken. Over 56 pounds, luggage fare equalled to 6 chakras. Value of erstwhile Chakram was three times that of a present 100 rupee note; evidently travel charges those days were far over and above.

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