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Emergency Numbers

Emergency situations do not come announced. Therefore during crisis situations, the people in Kerala have wonderful support from the government as there are emergency helpline numbers in all the major cities of the state. In some of the major cities, there is more than one support system available to help the people in distress. Women who feel unsafe can reach out to 24/7 helpline numbers who send out professional teams to help the women who are in need of help. Some of the other helplines that the public can bank on are the ambulance services, police services, traffic control helplines, child's helpline, harassment complaint cells for women, railway alert helplines, terrorist support, blood bank and most of the other emergency situations that help the people in the most unannounced situations. These are the helplines that assure the people that they are not alone in their struggles.

Women's Help (24x7) 1091 or 1090
Police 100
Ambulance 108
Fire 101
Traffic Police 1099
Child Helpline 1098
Blood Bank Services 1910
Anti-Harassment Cell for women 9947000100
Anti-Terrorist Helpline 9656000100
Highway Assistance 9846100100
City Action Force 2311557
Cyber crime Investigation cell 2382600
Railway Alert 98462000100
Police SMS Center 9497900000

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