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This project is planned to set up across all the major roads and waterways in Kerala. This project is getting support from the private sectors also. As per the project, the tourism department will be going to  construct  Vazhiyoram units within a distance of 20Kms on all the major Highways. In short, the government is planning to provide all facilities to the tourists travelling from one destination to the other.  The centers will be having various facilities and features like – internet, restaurants, shopping malls, etc to help the tourists throughout their travel.  Tourists can also avail the benefits of  online information services, by getting connected with the tourism call center that is located in Trivandrum. The Vazhiyoram centers make sure that the tourists are provided with parking facilities also.  The private companies construct the centers in coordination with the government.

These centers can be classified into three levels. The categorization is made on the basis of the services and facilities provided by these centers. The main objective of these centers is to provide the tourists with the best service and promote tourism in Kerala.  The government is providing employment opportunities to a large number of qualified people   through this project.  The tourists are provided with better assess to food, shopping etc., which enhances the investment opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Vazhiyoram Sudarsana Heritage

If we have a look at the Vazhiyoram centers, we will find that Sudarshan heritage is one of the best centers that is located between Calicut and Waynad. The location of this center can be said as the heart of the Wayanad district and adjoins different tourist destinations like – Ooty -  Calicut – Mysore – Bangalore.  As we all know that, Kerala has abundant resources and is blessed with dense forest, sandy beaches, serpentine rivers and backwaters. This state is known as ‘ God’s own country’ and is renowned for its warmth hospitality. This center offers the best hospitality and the tourists can surely explore the beauty of Wayanad and its surrounding places.

Accommodation at Vazhiyoram

The accommodation facilities provided at these centers are of high standards and available at affordable rates.  The accommodation at any of the centers is suitable for families as well as business men. If you desire to enjoy superb facilities, then these centers are the best choice.  The centers provide you with  high standard customer services, and ensures that each moment of your trip become memorable and enjoyable.

Vazhiyoram Restaurants

The restaurants at Vazhiyoram offers mouth-watering dishes that are both conventional as well as traditional.  That is the reason why the project is given a tag line ‘TRULY KERALA’. The restaurants in Vazhiyoram center are beautifully decorated, where the interiors are filled with beautiful sceneries and interesting artifacts.  The decoration of the restaurants promotes the culture of the state. The menu in the restaurants is reviewed regularly and due care is taken that no item is repeated regularly. The menu is designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of different kinds of tourists.  The unique features of the restaurants are - Quality, Consistency and Innovation.

Facilities at Vazhiyoram Resorts

  • Exclusive Hospitality
  • Well decorated and furnished Rooms
  • Multi Cuisine Restaurant with Malabar Delicacies
  • Dormitory
  • Conference Hall
  • Doctors on Call
  • Car Parking
  • Internet facility

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