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It would be apt to say that the official websites of Kerala are almost similar to an encyclopaedia for tourists to get all information that they need to know. Any tourist who visits Kerala for the first time can refer the government-owned tourism corporation website to know of the various accommodation facilities in the different cities, their exact addresses, contact numbers, services that they offer, tariff rates, hot tourist spots nearby in the respective state etc.

Similarly official websites of government services like police forces help the people in a big way by publishing their 24/7 contact numbers online, various police stations in all localities, specific stations for women and kids etc. Also official websites for electricity, gas, telephones etc. are a repository of information for the residents who can just refer to these websites to get updated information about all these services. These official websites save people immense time, money and effort as these websites are one stop solutions for accessing all information that is required.
This website provides information on the god’s own country – Kerala, helping you explore the specialties, how to reach Kerala, different Ayurveda centers, images of different tourists attractions, videos etc. It also provides information about different festivals and the best weather when you must plan a trip to this place.
Looking for the best places to stay in Kerala? Log on to this website and explore the must see destinations, great places to stay and the recommended Ayurveda centers. Apart from all this, the website also provides information about the shopping and accommodation regions so that you reach the right place and do not waste your time.
If you wish to know in detail about the hotels and resorts of Kerala, then visiting this website is worth. It provides meaningful information on different motels, Ayurveda centers, conducted tours, packages, and central reservations while helps you in locating property. This website provides information on KTDC royal and budget hotels.
For the individuals looking for information on Kerala, this website is must visiting. This website provides detailed information on publications, tenders, IDEAS, cabinets, Key Contacts, RTIs, online services of Kerala Government. It leads to information on different government departments. This website is must visit to know about government institutions here.
People looking for information on Kerala police now have a reason to be happy. This website provides information on crime reports, crime against women, nearest police station, crime stopper, women helpline, Rail alert, highway alert, child line etc. You can even see different photos and gather information on right to service act.
Is your next tour to Kerala? If yes, then visit this place without any hesitation. Visit this website, browse and gather information on tourism administration, announcements, accreditation, business, projects and movies here. Besides, this website offers information on the culture and festivals of the state which are beyond imagination.

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