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Kerala is India’s one of the fastest developing states as far as social welfare and life standard and life quality is concerned. In comparison to other regions of the country, most other countries that generate low income, Kerala inhabitants enjoy more awareness about education and community health that matches Western standards. The state boasts of one of India’s most commendable literacy rate besides expectancy of life and low rate of child mortality.

Kerala’s literacy rate is higher than that of any low-income country. As compared to the rest of India, Kerala is one of the most dynamic states in terms of quality of life. Education and health standards of Keralites are much above the standards that people enjoy in rest of India, and can be compared with standards maintained in western countries. In fact, the quality of life in Kerala is closer to that in West. Kerala is considered to have the highest literacy rates, life expectancy and lowest child mortality rates in India. Keralites, because of highest literacy rates have gained more opportunities in the governance, and thus has more say in the administration. This is reflected in their overall urbanization, which has developed a quality of life through a process of living right close to nature. Law and order in the state is rated the best in the country.

Kerala Model Quality of Life

Keralites have best quality of life and living standards because of its environment and the infrastructures are good, high standard, sufficient and efficient, which makes Kerala as the friendliest and hospitable places in India. This is a perfect recipe for travel whether for business or tourism in Kerala. The comforts and good feel enjoyed by travelers in Kerala is indicative of good quality and living standards of life existing in Kerala. In turn, Tourism is helping in the economic growth, and further improving quality of life in the state. Human development indicators, health indicators coupled with its high literacy rate can be compared and in fact, placed at par with the developed world.
Consequently, the state has World class health care system, decent standard of living and cleanliness, which has translated into Human development, longevity (life expectancy at birth), least population growth and lowest infant mortality. This has helped political stability and security, job security, political freedom, gender equality and equal opportunity. Women in Kerala are far better off than women in the rest of India. They enjoy equal terms with men, have right to education, excess to opportunities, participate in economic growth and occupy highest positions in administration.

Progressive social welfare and quality of life in Kerala is conducive to attracting high net worth individuals and skilled professionals to settle in the state. As a result the state is progressing towards high income economy, with a heavy focus on IT, attracted knowledge-intensive sectors and huge investments, which is creating jobs, encouraging rapid economic growth and creating a progressive society with moral and ethical values. Measures taken by the state in the area of child education has helped to build a responsible youth and improve the quality of life for the Kerala people. The life is simple and people are satisfied with what they have.

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