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Keralites or people belonging to the state of Kerala are considered to be extremely simple and warm hearted. They are not only simple in their dressing, and the way of living but also they follow the motto of “simple living, high thinking.” Art and culture are given a lot of significance. Following a rich heritage and religion, they embrace a wide array of ancient rituals, practices and traditions. The culture of the place is quite rich, and people of this stay have still retained the basic framework of culture. A simple life is led by Keralites that is free of any complications. Since simplicity is the way of life practiced by them, they are content with whatever they get. They seem to enjoy simple pleasures in life.

Malayalam is the main language spoken by the natives of this place. Education is given due importance. Highest literacy rate is recorded in this state in comparison to other states of the country. Elders make it their responsibility to pass on religious teachings to the younger generation. This ensures that their religion and culture stays intact for years to come. Since education is very important in the culture of this place, most of the population can perfectly communicate in English. With education came, awareness in many sectors. The people of this state gives due credence to health, well being, cleanliness and quality of life. Most of the population below eighteen years of age is educated till primary level. This has brought a lot of difference in the lives of people.


The dressing style of the people living in this state is remarkably straightforward and ordinary. Showing off is frowned upon. They lay stress on the quality of life that comes with simple living and high thinking. These are unassuming people are happy in their small world. They eat simple food and ensure that whatever they are eating is healthy and nutritious. They make sure that they are eating a balanced diet. Materialistic pleasures are not given a lot of importance and instead they revel in mental satisfaction. Traditional skillfully, and this dress resembles more or less to a sari that is worn over a blouse. Men wear a dhoti, referred to as a mundu along with a shirt. A cotton lungi is also worn by them. This is a dress just like a sarong. A towel is placed on the top. This traditional attire is worn by most of the people living in rural areas or villages and men residing in cities have taken up trousers and shirts. Saris are worn by women living in the cities. Fashion is followed by the younger people, and they wear all kinds of western clothes and comfortable Indian clothes, like Salwar Kameez, Jeans, Tops and skirts.


60 percent of the population of this state is Hindus. Remaining 40 percent are Muslims and Christians in equal proportion. The state boasts of several places of religious importance where devotees from far and wide places come to seek blessings of the divine deity. The people are secular and respect all religions. The schools observe holidays on all major festivals irrespective of religion. If Christmas is celebrated with great fervor, other Hindu religions are also celebrated with equal fervor. People are tolerant about all religions.


The main occupation of the natives of this state is agriculture. An important and prominent role is played by tourism and exports.

Social life

Malayalam is the main or official language of this place. English is the next predominantly spoken language. Schools, institutes and collages, mostly use English as a language to communicate and disperse knowledge. The native language, that is, Malayalam is considered to be a refined and complete language. It has several vowels and 56 alphabets. The words and accent of the language is such that it can be rolled on the tongue and can be pronounced easily by the people speaking this language. This state is considered to be one of the highly progressive states in the country. This state has also made a mark in the field of social welfare and life’s physical quality. Matriarchal system is followed here where women are given a lot of importance, and, they play a major role in society. Unique social standing is enjoyed by them with a better status in comparison to other states in the country.

Races of People in Kerala

Negritos: These were early populace of this state belonging to the Negroid race. They earned their living through hunting. Dark skin is the main physical feature of these people, and they are still known to reside in the mountainous regions of this state. They have great knowledge about herbs and the medicines made from them.

Australoids: They came after Negritos and now they are spread all over the country. With medium height and flat noses, they started rice cultivation. Snake worship was also introduced by them.

Dravidians: Mediterranean or Dravidians came in 700 BC who form the principal populace of Malayalees. They worship Mother Goddess in myriad forms.

Aryans: Aryans were the last to come and who are now settled in North India. In 300 BC, they came to South India

Today, a wide range of races and caste form the bulk of the Kerala population.

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