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As opposed to the rest of the Indian states, Kerala is placed very close to the equator. In spite of that, the state is blessed with an equable and pleasant climate throughout the year. This is owing to the area’s closeness to the sea, along with the fort-like Western Ghats towering on the east. Had it not been for these Ghats preventing the dry winds from the north from entering the state, Kerala would have been a very dry region. The state is bestowed with abundant rain (average 3000 mm a year) every year. The temperature range in Kerala is between 28° and 32° C (82° and 90° F) over the plains but falls to around 20° C (68° F) over the highlands. The Highlands of Kerala are a prominent tourist attraction, enjoying an invigorating and cool climate all year round. Due to its diverse geographical features, the climate of Kerala is varied. You will mainly witness four seasons - summer, winter, North-East Monsoon and South-West Monsoon.

Winter Season in Kerala

Winters in Kerala commence with the conclusion of the north-east monsoons i.e. from near the end of November till the mid of February. During the course of this season the temperature is relatively low but, as has been mentioned above, climate does not vary too much from season to season. The climate is pleasant through the year over the highlands. Temperature here in winters usually drops below 10°C. This season sees the lowest level of rainfall compared to other seasons.

Temperature during Winter in Kerala: Maximum : 28°C
Minimum : 18°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 25 mm

Summer Season in Kerala

As the end of February approaches, temperatures start rising, marking the onset of the summer season. Comparatively higher temperature, lower rains and somewhat humid weather describe the traits of summers in Kerala. In comparison to the other states of India, where temperatures reach up to more than 40°C, summer season in this state is pleasant and cool. The Western Ghats which bar the dry winds of the north from approaching this place and the Arabian Sea which provides a cool breeze and moderate temperature are responsible for this. Unpredictable rainfall together with thunder and lightning are another attribute of this season. Commencing in March, the summers continue till the last part of May or maybe even the opening of June. They reach their conclusion as monsoon arrives.

Avg Temperature during Summer in Kerala: Maximum : 36°C
Minimum : 32°C
Avg Rainfall during the season : 135 mm

South West Monsoon in Kerala

Southwest monsoon is the season which sees most of the state’s rainfall. This season arrives as May reaches its end. Its arrival sometimes delays till early June, with the birth of the southwest monsoon winds. Torrential rainfall greets the following few months. Owing to the fact that Kerala is located on the windward portion of the Western Ghats, along with it being the foremost state to be struck by the monsoon winds, the state is home to the heaviest of rains. About 85% of the downpours of Kerala are supplied by the monsoons. In fact, the monsoons also feed maximum rivers of Kerala. The southwest monsoons bid adieu with the conclusion of September.

Average Temperature during this season : Maximum : 30°C
Minimum : 19°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 2250 - 2500 mm

North East Monsoon in Kerala

Also called the Reverse Monsoons or the Retreating Monsoons, these strike Kerala as the southwest monsoon winds return. This season arrives between October and November and frequently stays till December. Afternoons witness the season’s characteristic heavy rainfall, which is usually accompanied by lightning and thunder. The weather is humid and warm during the day but the temperature does not vary too much.

Average Temperature: Maximum : 35°C
Minimum  : 29°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 450 - 500 mm

The Earth has seen major climatic variations in recent years. Needless to say, this global variation in climatic conditions has reached Kerala too. The following information has been provided based on the data collected in the course of the last 50 years.

Average Monthly Rainfall in Kerala

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 14.6 16.6 36.1 110.9 252.6 653.2 687.2 404.7 252.3 270.7 158.6 45.9

Climate and Tourism

Hordes of tourists are tempted towards vacationing in Kerala on account of its equable and pleasant weather. Tourist activity reaches its peak in winters and summers (between November and May). Cruising along the backwaters of Kerala aboard a comfy houseboat, enjoying the loveliness of the sunset over the Arabian Sea during summers, rowing a boat in the Thekkady Lake and going on an adventurous trek through the highlands of Kerala in the winter season are definitely going to create memories you will cherish throughout your life. If you are among those who wish to take pleasure in the clouded sky during day time and experience the invigorating aroma of wet soil which revitalizes the mind, soul and body, you would prefer a trip during the monsoons.

Monsoon Tourism in Kerala

Monsoon tourism in Kerala is becoming more and more popular with every passing year. Touring during monsoons allows the tourists to discover the inherent beauty of Kerala, along with quenching their thirst for adventure. The Kerala tourism department and the government of Kerala are intensively endorsing monsoon tourism in the state.

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