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SPA is abbreviated as Sanus per Aquam and this implies health via water. This is one of the most effective treatments through which you will be able to heal and relax your body. Some of these are- mud packs and steam baths. No doubt, you would have definitely heard about the Kerala spa treatment and they are popular all over the world. The positive aspect of these treatments is that they are perfectly amalgamated with ayurvedic treatments such as herbal and oil massages, along with yoga and herbal baths and they can heal the body in best way.

What to Expect From a SPA Treatment

Tourists are recommended that they should contact with some renowned and pioneering spa centers and they will suggest you on the best customized programme. They are running yoga, diet, ayurvedic regimens and various meditation programs that will help in healing your body. Irrespective of detoxification, anti-ageing and weight loss, there are many customer-specific programs available. Patrons can expect for the general massage and this will be carried out in the shoulders, chest, back, face, neck and other parts of the body too. You can also opt for the steam herbal bath and that comprises of several medicinal herbs. Basically, this is a podikizi treatment and it comprises of many powdered herb and they are dipped in the hot oil for massaging the different parts of your body. You can also opt for the Shirodhara treatment and this will be lasting from twenty to ninety minutes and you will be required to pay amount of Rs. four hundred to Rs. three thousand.

Benefits of SPA

  • The positive aspect is that you will be getting the body massage through the trained practitioners. It will also help you in the enhanced appetite, sound sleep and it will also reduce the levels of stress from your body.
  • Patrons are recommended that they should take the herbal bath and it will help in increasing the levels of energy in body and relief from stress.
  • If you are suffering from spondylosis or back pain, the best treatment available is using medicated oil treatments.
  • You can also take the foot massage and this will help you in curing insomnia.

Tips before Undergoing SPA Treatment

Tourists are recommended that they should be visiting some certified massage therapist and this is especially true in case of chronic diseases. Pregnant women need to consult with their doctors and then only they should opt for the spa treatment. There are many instances where women have to face premature labor. Moreover, it is essential to consult with your reference groups and you should also read about the treatment reviews and then only do the bookings of appointment.

Kerala is popular for its renowned ayurvedic SPA Treatment, but you can also get other treatments as well.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurveda is regarded as the Indian ancient philosophy of medicine and this was developed by the sages. This is one of the best methods through which ailments can be treated effectively and they will also help in the enhancement of health. There are several experienced and skilled physicians and they will use different methods through which analysis of mind and body can be done easily.

Western Therapies

These are also known by the name Swedish massages and this is one of the famous methodologies through which you will get complete relaxation. These can provide you with ample of benefits and that includes- relaxation, reduction of pain and increased blood circulation.

SPAs Centers in Kerala

Maya Spa, Kumarakom

This is one of the renowned spa centers and this is situated in between of Kerala backwaters. In fact, this is regarded as one of the biggest spa centre in whole of southern India. You will get here to experience the best western treatments and also Ayurvedic treatments. This is one of the resorts that have a special wing for yoga and meditation.

  • Address: Zuri Resort and Spa Kumarakom, Kerala.
  • Phone: (91 481) 252-7272.
  • The cost of spa packages and accommodation starts with the range of five hundred dollars for two, every night.
  • What's Good: Tourists will be able to enjoy the 9 cloud massage and here you will be getting the head massage.

Taj Malabar Jiva Spa, Cochin

This spa centre has been situated on the peaceful land and it is almost similar to the beautiful swimming pool and that will ultimately get merged with the ocean. Tourists will be able to enjoy here various Ayurveda programs along with the body scrubs, meditation and yoga. This is one of the best places for the rejuvenation and relaxation.

  • Address: Willingdon Island, Taj Malabar Hotel Cochin.
  • Phone Number: (91 484) 2666811/2668010.
  • What's Good: It helps in relieving tension and also enhances the blood circulation. It is inclusive of herbal scrub along with massage and stimulating wrap.

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