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Kerala is a perfect blend of modern and the ancient forms of medicine. It can also be said that this is the only state where the ancient method of Ayurveda is followed even by the young generation of Kerala. Most of us already know about the modern and scientific medicinal therapies. Let us know at some of the natural medicinal methods adopted mainly in Kerala.


This is probably the oldest form of healthcare facilities. Ayurveda involves the use of natural herbs and oils to treat a person's problem. The modern medicinal treatments are just quick fixes to relieve a person of his problem temporarily. However Ayurveda focusses on eliminating the root cause of the problem in a very natural and healthy way. Even the tablets that are prescribed in Ayurveda are made from natural herbs that have medicinal qualities. The recovery time is slightly longer than the modern methodologies, but the patient can be assured about getting a permanent solution for his problems. The Kotakkal Arya Vaidya Sala is a pioneer institution that is widely responsible for making Ayurveda known to many people. This has branches all over the country and it sells Ayurveda medicines for kids and adults.

Marma Chikitsa

This is one of the most powerful forms of Ayurveda form of healthcare. Marma means mystery and Chikitsa means treatment. Therefore this can be literally translated as the mystery treatment. Legend has it, that people suffering from chronic problems like arthritis, back pain, neck pain etc. got completely cured through this treatment and the patients actually wondered as to what caused them the relief that they were so deprived of, all through their lives. This wonderment itself became the reason as to why the treatment form is named this way. This is believed to have been in practice for over 6000 years. It works on the 108 energy points in the body that are sensitive and relieves the human body of all stress thereby creating miracles which followers of modern medicine are still finding hard to believe.

Visha Vaidyam

If you thought that venomous snake bites and scorpion stings would obviously be fatal, then you have not heard of Visha Vaidyam. This is a special health care treatment followed by a section of people in Kerala even today. Visha means poison and Vaidya means treatment. In other words, this is the treatment for removing venom even of the highest degree from the patient's body. The medicines are carefully prepared from certain divine herbs and the diet that the patient should consume is clearly charted out the physicians. After about 3 to 5 days of the medicines and diet, the person gets completely cured of the poison. All the treatments make him vomit the poison and he gets recovered fully. Some of the places around Mannarsala (temple of the snake gods) and other remote districts still resort to this kind of treatment in case of emergencies. Even when new age doctors give up on certain cases, Visha Vaidyam has proven them wrong by curing the patient completely.

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