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Online Ticket Booking

KSRTC has initiated new age solutions for its customers, a significant facility amongst which is ‘Sarathi’ – the online ticket booking portal!

Procedure for KSRTC Online Booking

It is quite simple to approach ticket booking through ‘Sarathi. Here is the step-by-step procedure to its modus operandi:

  • First step is to register over KSRTC’s online booking portal. Subsequently, users are sent a unique login id and password to access their accounts henceforth.
  • To start booking tickets, users have to fill an online form giving details of their scheduled journey, as the date, time and travel destination.
  • Once details are filled, ticket fares can be paid through preferable online payment mode. Users can either user their debit or credit card. Subject to payment confirmation, they receive a PNR number.
  • While it is advisable for passengers to keep this PNR number handy, they must also carry the ticket along with proof of their identity when travelling.

Thus, users can book tickets over ‘Sarathi’ sitting in the comfort of their home and in just a few steps.

Advantages of KSRTC Bus Online Booking

KSRTC’s online booking service has numerous benefits:

  • Given the simplicity, travellers save significant time. They don’t have to spend hours waiting in queue and thus avoid all the hassles and panic of conventional booking method.
  • People who come from remote areas or places where ticket counters do not exist too can book their tickets without having to go anywhere. Previously, they had to find a ticket counter location nearby and come down there.
  • Just as the convenience of booking, tickets can also be cancelled using this online facility.


While making online payment for the desired tickets, you are rest assured in terms of your security. KSRTC has made robust arrangements to prevent disclosure of users’ card details or identities to unsolicited people or agencies.

Advance Booking

Users can book tickets in advance for their scheduled journey. Maximum advance booking period for now is 21 days, but this is subject to change.

Maximum Tickets

Any user can book maximum TEN SEATS per ticket when using online ticket booking facility of KSRTC. For more seats, user has to open additional ticket booking form.

Service Hours

Sarathi, the online ticket booking portal of KSRTC, operates 24x7 and so users can book their online tickets any time, regardless of holidays or Sundays. E-ticket booking is possible up to the charting time, or up to one hour prior to the bus leaves its place of origin.

Scope of Service

KSRTC has ensured extensive proficiency in designing its online ticket booking service. Rules governing the ticket booking in terms of reservations charges, fares, etc. for internet reservations are the same as in case of offline reservation.


Online ticket fares applicable to users are as per the charges fixed by Corporation. However, in case there is a fare revision after a user has done online ticket reservation, he or she has to pay for the difference amount when travelling, i.e. on scheduled date of journey

Reservation Fee

Online ticket booking of KSRTC calls for a reservation charge of 10/- per seat. In case of ticket cancellation, this reservation fee remains non-refundable, though the ticket amount may get completely refunded, or as per the applicable KSRTC ticket booking rules. Ticket cancellation is possible for any given reasons.

Confirmation of Booking

Ticket confirmation for online booking requests is possible only after successful completion of transaction and realization of payment made. Advance booking is inclusive of the ticket fare, reservation charges, and service charge. For better convenience, users get a unique Transaction ID also. KSRTC has affiliated with HDFC Payment Gateway for payment transactions for online ticket bookings.

As regards other charges like duties, taxes, fees and assessments etc. for payment transactions online, users are responsible.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the promising Kerala package deals and get tickets booked for complete end to end journey.


Ticket Cancellation

In case a user requires an e-ticket cancellation, this can be either done over internet or at a nearest computerized reservation counter. Only the applicable ticket fare is refundable towards ticket cancellation; other charges pertaining to the reservation, bank transaction or towards Payment Gateway are not refundable.

Online Cancellation

When users go for e-ticket cancellation over internet, they are provided a cancellation receipt. Their applicable refundable amount is credited back to their credit / debit card in due course of time. No cash refunds are possible in case of online ticket booking and the amount due for refund is electronically transferred back. However, cancellations charges will be deducted as applicable vide KSRTC’s rules.

Cancellation through Reservation Counters

E-tickets can also be cancelled over dedicated KSRTC online reservation counters. Users who want to cancel e-tickets through reservation counters can do so on working days, during the stipulated working hours. Customers have to fill the ‘cancellation request form’ provided over KSRTC reservation counter and submit it duly filled. After acceptance, e-ticket is cancelled and the applicable refundable amount is electronically transferred to their account.


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