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Railways In Kerala

Kerala is commonly known as ‘God’s own country. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in India. People from all over the world come to spend their holidays in Kerala.  The most common way of trasporation in kerala is Railways . Around 200 rail stations are there in Kerala which connect people to the other states of the country and to all the places in the state too. In Kerala, people can travel from one location to another effortlessly by train, making the journey an enjoyable event. Both local and long route trains are available in the state. The rail line, which is running horizontally through the state, links almost all the state. Th total distance end to end of the rail line is around 1050 kms, which comprises 13 rail lines in which broad gauge lines are about 933 kms and meter gauge lines are around 117kms.

On the way to the north, the rail routes lead near to Mumbai and Goa. The rail line expands to the east to its adjacent state Tamil Nadu. Abundant trains are available on this route which go through a specific direction. Every train has different number and name.  None of them travel at the similar pace. One may get the train details from the specified railway station. Kozhikode, Thriuvananthapuram, Shornur and Kochi are the main stations in Kerala. The railway path which connects Kerala to the northwest parts of the country especially with Mumbai is known as the Konkan Railway route. Other major rail lines in  Kerala are Madurai, Erode, Shornur and Kollam.

Kerala has an extensive railway set up in the state which connects the state to the other major cities of the country. The railway network of Kerala comes under Southern railway lines which connects all major towns and cities in Kerala except the hill stations.  Trivandrum, Palakkad and Madurai are the three divisions of the railway head operational offices in the state.

The state Kerala has many long distance trains to several destinations all over the country. The longest daily train running through the state is the Kerala Express.  As districts like Idukki and Wayanad are the highland regions of the state, these districts are totally separate from the rail route’s connection of the state.

Classes of Train Travel

The Railway of India provides seven classes in a train. It is not compulsory that all  trains will have all the classes. All the long distance trains have 1st AC and IInd AC classes also. Mostly well to do people prefer these classes. For these classes one needs to pay more than that of the normal amount. You can opt for any class as per your requirement and capability.

While booking ticket, advanced booking is necessary to make your journey comfortable.  You will get tickets from the stations or it can be reserved online through the official website of Indian Railway.

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