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This schedule will present a big picture of what you can do in Kerala to make your trip more interesting. You can do all the important things in approximately three weeks but you can also skip few places if you are having limited time.

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Kochi is one of the most preferred destination in Kerala as it has good connectivity to all means of transport.


All the travelling can be easily done via taxi or the bus  but for long journey, railways are more preferred. If you have a limited budget but more time to spend, then you can travel by cheaper means of transport like bus or railways. But these trips may not be comfortable especially when visiting a hill station. You can opt for taxi service since it is more comfortable as compared to buses but they are on the expensive side. The following itinerary will give you information on the transport but you can choose your own preference anytime.With the help of this itinerary, you can spend two nights in Kerala and visit all major tourist attractions.

Kochi (Cochin)

Kochi is one of the most important cities of southern India after Mumbai. When you arrive at this place, spend at least two days to have a glimpse of this beautiful place.  

  • Fort cochin was built during the Portuguese regime and is influenced by the Dutch- Anglo architecture. It is an excellent place to spend a few night since it has very good hotels as well as affordable guest house for the visitors. There are plenty of sightseeing spots in this place like Chinese net for fishing, Jewish Synagogue. You can also see antique shops, historic churches and scintillating sun sets at this place.
  • The mainland city of Ernakulum hosts some of the best shopping centers, ancient temples and art galleries. You can easily take out a couple of days for this place.

For continuing the itinerary the visitors can board the bus from Kaloor terminal which goes to Alappuzha. The journey takes approximately two hours.


If you are looking to experience the best of backwater movement, then you must rent a private house boats. It will definitely give you a pleasant experience when yo9u will be sitting in the lavish sun and watching rise fields and scintillating flora and fauna. You will also love the extreme quietness of this place which makes the trip even more enticing for the visitors. The dawn bring a beautiful sight of the palm trees hidden in the mist. The sunrise is also mesmerizing with light eloping behind the clouds. What else can one expect for. It is just like a dream come true.

It is also advisable that one should book the boat via internet or an authorized agent. A good house boat will cost around 100 dollars with all facilities like meals and support crew. If you are looking to spend a romantic holiday then it is advisable that you choose a hose boat with solar panel since generators create a hindrance in romantic moments.     
Continuing the itinerary- you can leave the boat at Kumarakom and board a taxi to the bus station at Kottayam. Take the bus to the city if thekkady and the journey will take approximately 4 hours.


The tiger park in Thekkady is a famous tourist destination so do not miss it. you will not find the tiger but there is still a lot more to witness. You can opt for morning rides to the lake. Morning fog and scenery of dead trees portray an enticing scene in the water. Make sure that you get a seat on the top of the roof to enjoy the best sights.

You can wake up early next day and go for a mesmerizing walk in the park. If you are lucky, you will witness herds of elephants besides other animals but make sure to take a guide with yourself. The park is full of animals like Indian Hornbill (a bird), the famous black monkeys and other general animals. Walking through the forest will surely give you some adventure.

if you are looking to buy cashmere shawls, then Thekkady is the perfect place for you. you can get a good cashmere shawl for just 1200 rupees. But you might have to bargain since they are sold at 2500 INR.

To continue the itinerary- You can take a direct taxi to the city of Munnar. The city is full of panoramic views so you can ask the driver to take a halt for sometime so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of this place. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach this place.


Munnar is located between tea plantations and is known as the sleepy town. It hosts an actual tea processing factory with all the facilities. You can also take out come time to see the natural beauty of Nilgiri and Eravikulam national park. Tourists can hire a taxi to for reaching the top station. This place offers the best view of the city.

To continue the itinerary- Board the taxi to the to Madhurai in tamil Nadu. The journey will give a plethora of panoramic views long the course. The journey duration is six hours.

You will see a number of buildings with thatched roofs. You may stop to visit these but they do charge for showing you how they make bricks at these places. You can  negotiate on the price but the journey will end up on a good note eventually.


Kovalam is an exotic place near the sea shore with a number of beaches. The place is one of the most exotic destinations as the rocky mountains touch the feet of sparkling sea shore. This place hosts some of the best hotels and ayurvedice centers for the visitors. You can also enjoy the taste of fruit salad near the beach.

To continue the itinerary- take a taxi from Kovalam to the famous Varkala beach and enjoy the adventurous ride of the  auto rickshaw


Varkala is one of the best beaches in the State. Its beauty is at par with the Kovalam beach. The laterite cliffs merge in the sea presenting  a mesmerism view for the visitors. Not many people comes to this place so you can have a self improvisation time at this beautiful sight.

To continue the itinerary- hop in a bus or taxi to go back to Kochi

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You can look for many option from Kochi

  • Lakshadweep- Enjoy the immaculate coral reefs with scintillating white sand beaches at this place   
  • Sri Lanka- A mesmerizing island which is still recovering from a hasty civil war. You can reach by a flight from Kochi.
  • Maldives- one of the most famous island country in the world
  • Madhrai- the city of famous temples in India. The city was nominated for seven wonders
  • Courtallam- the place is famous for scintillating water falls
  • Bangalore- garden city of India. A major hub for technology
  • Kodagu- one of the most famous hill stations in India popularly known as the Scotland of the country
  • Mysore- the cultural city in the neighboring State of Karnataka. This place is famous for traditional festivals.

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