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Kerala, located in the southern part of India has carved a niche on the World Tourism Map offering a wide array of attractions to the tourists coming here in large numbers. Referred to as, “God’s Own Country”, this destination is no doubt a tourist’ paradise. Abundant greenery, backwaters, gently swaying palm trees, wildlife and many more factors attracts tourists coming here. This Indian State is located on the south western fringes of the country. Besides coconut palms, the landscape is dotted with mango trees, cashew nut trees and rice fields. Imposing Western Ghats offers a mesmerizing backdrop. Protruding peaks amidst misty hues look enthralling. Dense tropical forests are a home to a wide range of wild life and fauna. The strategic location of the state has always protected it from invaders eyeing this region. At the same time, strong maritime contacts were also encouraged with the outer world.

Arabian Sea to its west, 44 rivers crisscrossing and the mighty peaks of Western Ghats offers a geographical uniqueness to this location. Several features of this place make it one of the most sought after destinations in the country. Some of these features are-

  • A pleasant climate
  • Exciting Flora and fauna and awe inspiring hill stations
  • Vast expanse of plantations
  • Majestic waterfalls
  • Paddy Fields
  • Genuine Ayurvedic Treatment Centers
  • Colourful Festivals
  • Historic Monuments
  • Mouth Watering Cuisines

Tourists can look forward to a unique experience that is an eclectic mix of various flavours. No other destination offers such exciting mix of attractions. As per National Geographic Magazine, this beautiful state occupies a firm place among the top ten must see global destinations. Kerala is known to offer glorious sights, and a stunning ambience offered due to its wide array of attractions. Unique wildlife, awe inspiring greenery, paddy fields, dense forests, beautiful waterfalls, calm and serene backwaters, majestic mountains, misty hues, palm groves and much more are offered by this destination. The literacy rate of this place is highest in the country. A lot of importance is given to art and culture. A unique place with highly cultured populace extends warm hospitality to the guests coming here. This destination is no doubt, “God’s Own Country”.

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