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This is a small area with unusual beauty located near the coast of Arabian Sea. The Kasargod district is placed in the northern region of the state.

Following the political fall of Mahodayapuram Perumals during the 1100s, the north of the state and the town were taken under the rule of Kolathunadu. Bekal's importance gradually grew further under kolathiries. It emerged as a prominent port town. The economic and financial significance of the port town brought about the Nayaks to revive Bekal consequently. Thaliparamba and Manjeswar were mesmerized by Somashekhara Nayak and it was prepared to construct a new fort.


  • 67 km from Mangalore domestic terminal
  • 14 km from Kasargod railway station
  • 16 km from Kanhangad railway station
  • 12 km from both Kanhangad and Kasargod
  • 180 km from Karipur

How to Reach

By Air

Airport closest to the town is Mangalore domestic terminal. Closest International airport is Karipur, or Kozhikode. Karipur airport has connections with loads of Arab cities. Chennai and Bangalore can be accessed from Mangalore air terminal.

By Rail

Closest prominent railway stations are Kanhangad and Kasargod. Pallikere and Kottikulam both have railway stations where only local trains stop.

By Road

Closest towns are Kasargod and Kanhangad, which are both accessible by KSRTC buses for a minimal fee.


Bekal experiences mixed weather conditions and mostly the climate is moderate throughout the year.

Summers (between March and May) in the town are scorching with temperatures peaking at 36°C. Usually, tourists don't prefer summers for sight-seeing.

Monsoons (between June and September) experience heavy downpours with the Southwest monsoons setting in by first week of June. The area has high humidity (nearly 90%). North-Eastern monsoons arrive in October. It is a beautiful location during rainfalls.

Winters (between December and February) experience dry climatic conditions with low temperate and cool weather. Temperatures drop to 20°C in this period. People prefer sightseeing at this time.

Best months to visit would be between October and March.

Beach Attractions

Houseboat Cruise: It is among the prominent attractions of Bekal. You can relish a cruise across the palm lined backwaters of the Malabar area, while experiencing a peaceful break in these unusually comfy houseboats. They are apt for both family and honeymoon vacations. They are constructed with latest technologies which make them appropriate for business meetings as well.

Nearby Attractions

Chandragiri Fort: Located 10 km away from Bekal there is the Chandragiri Fort. It is believed to have been built in the 11th century by Immadi Narasimha Yadavaraya. It has been modernized later by Vijayanagara Kings in the 1600s. Placed over the hill, this fort is 183 meters above sea level. South of this hill is covered by hefty walls and the major building called the 'Raj (Chandragiri) Mahal' appears majestic. You can get to have panoramic views of Chandragiri River from here, along with glimpses of Arabian Sea.

Bekal Fort: This ancient fort is situated in Kerala, over an expanse of more than forty acres. The extra-ordinary aspects of this unique fort are both the tunnel that entrances in the south direction and the tanks that contain a flight of stairs. The Bekal fort was built 3 centuries prior. It is believed that it might even have been built during Sivappa Nayak's period in the 1600s. It is also believed that the fort was built by the Kolathiri Rajas in the beginning and then further taken over by Sivappa Nayak. This place is famously known around the world for its appealing and majestic look.


Bekal Beach is perfect for rejuvenation, as you have a lots of peace and privacy for yourself. Here you may sunbathe over the immaculate beaches for hours and earn the perfect tan. You can enjoy a relaxing walk around the rural area and get to know the conventional village culture that the state cherishes. Relish the local zest of fresh Keralan seafood from the stalls att the side of the beach and drink loads of the refreshing and delicious coconut water.


Thalankara, close to Kasaragod, is popular for elegant hand-embroidered caps that are made of good quality cotton. You can have your pick out of various patterns and colors.

Weavers Co-operative Society: Sarees of Kasargod were once famous for their quality, design, color, ornamated zaris, patterns and borders. However they have been losing their fame owing to the existence of power looms and the accessibility of cheaper sarees.

Food Corners

With the backwaters and sea as background, you can relish imaginative cuisine, along with undeniably cozy ambience. You'd be surprised to discover some of the town's most celebrated delicacies at a reasonable price at Latitude, a multi-cuisine restaurant, which has the most delicious offerings of local Kerala cuisine. You'll also find BBQ along the pool, where grills are added to the outside thrill.

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