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Meenkunnu Beach

The mesmerizing stretch of golden sand and coconut trees is located in Kannur district of Kerala. The name Kannur has been derived from the Hindu deity Lord Krishna who is also called as Kanna. The Beach is just 10 km from the town and the name of the beach derives from the Malyalam word Meen and Kunnu which means a fish and a small hill respectively. Meenkunnu Beach offers spectacular view and is isolated from visitors. The beach offers relaxations and is a beach lover’s ecstasy. Rustic surroundings, scenic beauty and the scenic drive from Kannur help explore your photography skills. Environmental friendly water sports have been introduced on the beach to save the water pollution and are a perfect substitute to fuel.


  • 10 km from Kannur town.
  • The nearest railway station is Kannur which is 11 km.
  • Karipur is the international airport, which is about 126 km.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest international airport is Karipur (126 km) or Kozhikode (95 km).

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kunnur railway station, which is 11 km from the beach.

By Road

Auto rickshaws, buses or taxis can be hired to visit the beach from the town.


The best time to visit the Meenkunnu Beach and Kunnur is from October to March. The place is located in the coastal area, so it has very high rainfall. This heavy rainfall can certainly cause some hindrances in your vacations. The summers are very hot, but the temperatures does not cause any discomfort due to the winds on the beach.

Beach Attractions

The peaceful and quiet beach has some adventure activities that can add some thrill to your leisure time. This beach epitomizes some serene beauty which is secluded from the crowd and is decked with golden sand and lush green coconut trees, making it an ideal place for the honeymooners, photographers and people who love to spend some quiet and leisure time with family and friends. There are many other entertainment options like temples, forts and a snake park. The visitors can enjoy the performing arts acts like Kalari and Theyyam. The beach boasts of introducing the first ever environmental friendly water sports on this beach which uses the winds and kites for harness instead of fuel. This innovation has saved the water pollution to a certain extent. The adventure sports on the beach include the Kite Surfing, Power Kitting, Swimming, Para gliding and Para Sailing.

Nearby Attractions

The Payyamballam Beach Resort

This beach is an extension of the Payyamballam beach and is indeed a perfect spot to spend some relaxed time. There are commemoratives of famous Indian men built around the beach.

St. Angelo Fort

This is a Portuguese fort and is the main attraction of Kannur. Scenic beauty and pictographic views can be seen from the fort. The bird eye’s view of the town can be seen from the fort.

The Snake Park

This Park is very close to the Meenkunnu Beach and is committed towards the conservation of the dangerous reptiles and their species. The snake park hosts a large number of snakes, both poisonous and non poisonous. There is demonstration shown on a regular basis.


Water Sports

Environmental friendly water sports are practiced on the beach. Parasailing, paragliding, kite surfing and power kiting activities can be enjoyed here. The use of wind is done to harness the user.


Activities like photography, driving, cycling, jungle safari, bird watching, backwater rides, rejuvenate through spas and walking can be done along the beach. The drive from Kunnur to the beach is often recommended for all bike lovers.


One can find famous handloom weavers items in many shops. These workers are in the same profession for years and now they have formed societies. They sell high quality fabrics, saris, towels, shirts and many other items. These high quality fabrics are made and exported from here. The tourists can visit these societies to buy any products.  

Food Corners

There are several restaurants in the city that offer traditional Kerala cuisine. The activities like the village walks can allow you to mix with the local life and eat with them. The hotels and restaurants offer dining option along with lodging.