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Kanwatheertha Beach

Kanwatheertha beach is situated in the Kasargod district, at a distance of 5 km from north of Manjeshwar railway station. This place offers panoramic views of Arabian Sea. The luscious coconut groves on the beach give the beach a lush green cover. The huge pond close to the sea which is called ‘Kanwa Thirtha’ is a source of pristine water.
Kanwatheertha Beach has never-ending miles of beaches basked in sunrays, with the tall palm trees dancing alongside. The place is considered as "virgin territory", i.e. a place where you experience the traditional charm and Keralan Hospitality in all its glory.


  • About 67 km from Mangalore domestic terminal
  • About 12 km from Kasargod
  • 14 km from Bekal

How to Reach

By Air

Closest airport is the Mangalore domestic terminal. Taxis are available till the airport. Closest international airport is Karipur, which has connections with lots of Arab cities. Mangalore air terminal can be accessed through both Chennai and Bangalore.

By Rail

Closest major railway stations are Kanhangad and Kasargod. Taxis are available till the railway stations.

By Road

Closest towns are Kasargod and Kanhangad. Bus services are easily available.


The region witnesses a mixed climate. Almost throughout the year the temperature is moderate.
Summers (Between March and May) in the area are warm with temperatures peaking at 36 °C. Usually people prefer this time for sight-seeing.

Monsoons (Between June and September) witness heavy rainfall with the Southwest monsoons setting in by the first week of June. The area suffers from high humidity touching almost 90%. North-Eastern monsoons arrive by October.

Winters (Between December and February) bring with them dry weather, along with cool and moderate climate. Temperatures can fall to 20 °C at this time. Tourists would rather do sightseeing in winters.

October through March is the most favorable time to visit Kanwatheertha Beach.

Beach Attractions

When you are on your trip, there are loads of things you can do on this beach. Be sure to have a taste of the “Payasam", a drink exclusively offered in this region. If you are traveling to this beach between January and March, you could catch a glimpse of the "Theyyam Performance" – a ritual dance which is a pretty big issue in the little towns of North Kerala. The immaculately dressed dancer, with his/her face painted in the brightest shades of orange and red, marches past the temple telling stories and chanting mantras.

Nearby Attractions

Bekal Fort Beach

About a kilometer far from the Bekal fort, 16 km to the south of Kasaragod district lies the Bekal Fort beach. This can be listed among the most impressive beaches of the district. It is known to hold a vast expanse of pristine white sands that cover thirty-five acres of land. This beautiful beach is fringed with palms and thus gives a serene ambience to those who visit. 

Enhancing the beauty of this site are the two Theyyam sculptures that were created via laterite and a shack which has walls decorated with murals made by artisans of Nilambur. Apart from these, the rock garden in the parking lot has been created where laterite rocks of different sizes have been used.


Kanwatheertha Beach is an extremely beautiful picnic area and a favorite getaway for the weekends where people can take baths in the majestic waves and enjoy being pampered through nature. A huge swimming pool-resembling formation in the sea here is something you shouldn’t miss.


Kasargod doesn’t have too many shopping areas. If you are wondering about stuff you can buy in the district, you could try buying those little knick-knacks which are available at the roadside sheds. They are ideal souvenirs for family and friends back home. The area doesn’t have too many impressive malls or giant showrooms, but that is just a part of its beauty. This place is untouched by urban lifestyle and commercialism.

The local craftsmen here are famous for the beautiful artifacts they craft out of metal. The area is popular for bell-metal production. Various types of vessels, beautiful lamps and containers are famous here and sell quickly. While shopping here, make sure to buy the spectacular items in metal and other local collectibles.

Food Corners

The food of Kerala is an irresistible treat for anyone who is visiting. The cuisine here has a wide variety to choose from. The staple diet of here is rice. There is a lot in store for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarians can try a variety of steamed and fried treats. Non-vegetarians can try sea food.

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