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Thirumullavaram Beach

Shallow waters and an unspoilt beach, Thirumullavaram Beach is an ideal spot for relaxing near the Kollam city. The beach has acquired its name from the famous Vishnu Temple which is close to the beach. Folklore has it that this Vishnu temple is one of the seven temples that were established by Parasurama who raised the state of Kerala from the sea. During the peak monsoon season, Karkaadaka Vadu, is held on this beach. This beach forms a shallow inlet with a small patch of sand flabbergasted and overwhelmed by the rocks. The intermittent rock piles, which have become one of the permanent features of beaches on Kerala shore since 2005’s Tsunami, punctuate the whole curvy shore.


  • About 6 Km from Kollam railway station.
  • About 2 KM from Thangasseri harbor. 
  • About 76 Km from Thiruvananthapuram’s domestic and international airport.

How to Reach

By Air

Located at a distance of about 76 Km, the domestic and international airport of Trivandrum is the closest air link to the beach.

By Rail

The Kollam railway station is the nearest railway station located at a distance of about 6 km.

By Road

The beach is well connected to the major cities of Kerala and Kollam through a wide network of roads.


The weather of beach is moderate and it receives high rainfall in the monsoon season. This isolated and quiet beach unexplored and is untouched by time. The perfect weather and environment at beach offers peace of mind and unadulterated tranquility.

Beach Attractions

If you are looking for an ideal way to spend a peaceful day near Kollam, the Thirumullavaram beach gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy the calmness away from bustling life of city. However, this beach not just give you plenty of opportunities for relaxing but you can also enjoy many other activities here including swimming, morning walks and sunbathing. The waves on this beach are quite calm, and thus, you can venture out in the sea easily without much of hindrance. The turquoise blue sea and golden sands at the beach make it an astounding place to soak up in the sun while quietly relaxing in the lap of nature.

This beach, which is filled with coconut palms, is also ideal for early morning walks. One can also witness the fishermen venture in the sea to get their catch of the day.

Nearby Attractions

Sunday Rock

From this beach, at about a distance of 1.5 km in the sea lies the Sunday Rock (Njayarazhcha Para) which is a massive rock which projects from the sea. During low tides, it is clearly visible from the shore.

Rameshwara temple

This is temple devoted to Lord Vishnu and is believed to be constructed by Parasurama. This temple gives the Thirumullavaram beach its name.

Thangassery Lighthouse

The Thangassery lighthouse is located at about 10 km of distance from the Thirumullavaram beach and is about 144 feet tall. Built in the year 1902, this lighthouse still retains the splendor and heritage of the yesteryears. It is an amazing destination to see near the beach.

Neendakara Port

It is a prominent fishing harbor and a major sea port located near the Thirumullavaram beach. This place is considered as the spine of fishing and other related activities in this region. One can see about 500 fishing boats at a time on this vast fishing port.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police Museum

It is one of the unique museums in the country which traces the development and history of the police force in India. It also displays the police arms from 18th and 19th century and there are several other attractive exhibits.

Konni Elephant Training Camp

It is one of the popular elephant training centers in Kerala and is a major tourist attraction near Thirumullavaram beach. One of the most attractive features of this training camp is the colossal wooden cages built for elephants which can accommodate up to 4 elephants at a time.


The waves are milder on this beach, except when it is high tide, thus this beach is an ideal place to swim in the sea. Not very far from the beach, are the places where Yoga is taught. Also, there are some Ayurvedic well-being centers offering different rejuvenation massages and therapies.


Kollam is the nearby town that offers some good spots for shopping and buying local Kerala stuff.

Food Corners

Food Corners can be accessed at Kollam only as it is the nearest town to the beach. Here, one can enjoy ethnic south Indian food and many other local cuisines as well.