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Padinjarekara Beach

Kerala is famous for tall coconut trees, greenery, backwaters and beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a white sand beach in South India, then Padinjarekara beach is the one of the famous beaches in Karala, where you can enjoy your holiday with your family and friends. Padinjarekara beach is located 45 km from Malappuram headquarters and 17 km from Tirur town in the Malappuram district of Kerala. It is situated at the end of Tipu Sultan Street, near Ponnani. Padinjarekara is one of the top beaches in the Kerala. View of the confluence of the river Tirurpuzha, the river Bharathapuzha and the Arabian Sea is very beautiful.

Because of the real beauty, tourists get attracted towards Padinjarekara beach. Visitors enjoy bird watching at the Padinjarekara beach, as migrated birds are seen many times. The beach has white sand, which is surrounded by tall palm trees. This beach offers a variety of delicacies and gifts to visitors. It is also called as virgin territory. It will be an ideal location in the Kerala to enjoy the holiday. Padinjarekara beach offers natural beauty in all the seasons.


  • 53 km away from Karipur International Airport.
  • 24 km away from Kuttipuram railway station.

How to Reach

By Air

The Karipur International Airport is the nearest airport, which is 53 km away from the beach.

By Rail

Kuttipuram is the closest railway station, 24 km away from the beach.

By Road

All the major towns in Kerala are connected to the Malappuram. You can travel by KSRTC buses. Malappuram bus stop is the nearest bus station.


Padinjarekara beach has a pleasant climate all over the year. It is a nice place to visit in all the seasons. It is an ideal location to spend time with your dear ones.

Beach Attractions

This beach is famous for its natural beauty. It is neat and well maintained. This beach has a great charm with Palm trees and white sand. Bird watching is the attraction for the tourists and you will get unique experience of watching not only the native birds but a variety of migrated birds. Enjoy the water sports at the Padinjarekara beach and then get relaxed in spa centers near beach. Natural harbor, Lagoons, and rock increase the beauty of this beach. It is one of the most visited beaches in Kerala.

Nearby Attractions

  • Biyyam Kayal - It is a waterway situated near Ponnani. Here boat races are held during festivals like Onam. Tourists come here to specially watch the boat races. Women also take part in the races, which is one of the attractions.
  • Kadalundi bird Sanctuary - It is 19km away from Kozhikode. You can see many varieties of migratory birds and native birds over here.
  • Kadampuzha Temple - Kadampuzha is a town in Malappuram, which is famous for Bhagavati temple.
  • Valiya Juma masjid - It is pilgrim center of Muslims.
  • Jamaat Masque - Before 280 years, Hindu family built this Jamaat Masque.
  • Nilambur - It is in Malappuram district. It is full of forests and wildlife.
  • Ponnani - In Malappuram district, Ponnani is the only port. Numerous mosques are there in Ponnani.


Water Sports

You will enjoy a variety of water sports at Padinjarekara beach. Speed boats and water scooters are the exciting things, tourists enjoy the most.


You will get a variety of things in shops near the Padinjarekara beach. At a reasonable rate, you will get popular Keralite stuff. Tourists love shopping here.

Food Corners

Numerous food joints are available near the Padinjarekara beach, where you can enjoy the traditional delicious, sumptuous Kerala food.