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Payyambalam Beach

Located in Kannur, this exquisite gamut of sand and surf is an ideal destination for the indulgent evening. The place being secluded, serene and quiet, Payyambalam beach seeks the attention of the visitors and also the local vicinity for being regarded as one of the best outing spots. The beach is potentially sufficed in boosting the ontogeny of the tourist resorts. Kannur’s surplus land is equally captivating to explore. Kannur is the cradle of eternal folk music and artistry and so always has prevailed as a niche of timeless enchantment. With abundant beauty bestowed on the place, the natural splendor casts a magic spell of recreation, luxury and gratification. The mortal remains of great people like A.K. Gopalan, Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pilla, K.G. Marar, K.P. Gopalan and Pamban Madhavan and are reposed to calm close to this beach.


  • About 2 km away from Kannur railway station
  • 4 km away from New Kannur Bus Stand
  • 120 km away from Mangalore Airport and Kozhikode Airport
  • 93 km away from Karipur International Airport

How to Reach

By Air

There are two airports providing air services to the town. One being located at Mangalore is 173 km away to the north while the Calicut International Airport is 125kms away to the south.

By Rail

Kannur Railway Station being one of the major stations of the Southern Railway, the beach is just 2 kms away. Including Trivandrum Rajdhani Express and Kochuveli Garib Rath, all the trains connect the city with its capital, Trivandrum.

By Road

Kannur lies on the National Highway 66 that falls between the Kozhikode and Mangalore city. Kannur has multiple KSRTC and private buses functioning places both inside and outside the district of Kannur. Kannur is properly connected to its suburbs through many city buses. Kannur city basically has four bus terminals. Kannur Central Bus Terminal being located at Thavakkara. This is the biggest bus terminal of Kerala. Old Bus Stand is close to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Apart from these two, City Bus Stand is located near District HQ Hospital and the KSRTC bus stand is located at the Caltex Junction (on NH-66).

By Water

The closest all-weather port to seas is Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. Kannur’s Azhikkal sea port has been included for expanding the coastal shipping under the National Maritime Development Programme (NMDP) by the Government of India.


Kannur is quite pleasant all the time, irrespective of the weather conditions. The district witnesses a humid climate with repressive hot season starting from March to the climax of May. After this arrives, the South-West monsoon that continues till the September end. In the months of April and May, the average maximum temperature, everyday is about 35 °C. In December and January, temperature falls and the minimum temperature recorded is about 20 °C. The annual mean rainfall is 3438 mm and during the time of South-West monsoon, more than 80% of it occurs.

Nearby Attractions

Fort St. Angelo

Built by Portuguese, in 1505, this fort was conquered by the British in 1970. They formed their military station on this fort. The fort offers alluring view of the amazing alcove of the Moplah and the sea. It is now the property of Government of India and belongs to the Archaeological Department.


Sundareswara Temple and Mavilakavu Temple are the shrines of greatest purity and serenity. Apart from them, both Urpazhachivaku Temple, and Shri Muthappan Temple has deities of gods and goddesses and the beautiful art work done on the woods. The carvings depict the mythological stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata. The temple rituals include ceremonial dancing, everyday; the sight of which leave the visitors spellbound. Apart from this, St. John’s Church and the Old Jama Masjid are also famous places to visit.


Though Kannur has many destinations to shop at, Fort Road is the busiest one. There are malls like Kannur Mall, Thana Square Mall, Mukund Mall, Metro Home Hyper Market, Rajadhani Super Market, Akshaya Fabrics and many more. These places provide you with varieties of shopping options of all the types. Showpieces, bed linens, gifts and souvenir items, etc, can be easily picked up to pack the memories back to your homes.

Food Corners

There are many restaurants and food joints in Kannur. Apart from the food courts in the malls, several restaurants out there let you relish upon the eclectic cuisine. Volga Restaurant in Padnapalam offers you the major cuisines of Kerala at affordable prices. Apart from it, Chiffonets serves Chinese cuisine and one plans on opting for multi- cuisine, MVK Restaurant and Soft Restaurant are places worth trying.