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Muzhapilangad Beach

This beach is the only drive-in beach, situated in Kerala. Visitors can travel from Kannur district to this beach. The beach has black rocks and a long golden stretch which can be enjoyed while driving the full length of the beach. The beach water has very low currents and is very shallow which makes it a swimmers paradise. There are many beaches across India, but there is no drive in beaches and hence this beach has become the only drive in beach in the entire Asia. Muzhappilangad Beach is parallel to the National Highway number 66. The locals celebrate the beach festival in the month of April every year which attracts a lot of tourists. One can cherish and explore his driving abilities on the shore. The beach is very clean and well maintained and one can relax and hang out with loved ones.


  • Muzhappilangad Beach is just 15 kms from Kannur.
  • Thalassery railway station, which is just 7 km.
  • Karipur is the nearest airport – 93 km.

How to Reach

By Air

The Karipur international airport is located just 93 km away from the Kannur town. The visitors can travel through the Edapally – Panvel highway to reach here.

By Rail

Thalassery town is easily reachable and is only 7 km from the beach and Kannur railway station is just 16 km.

By Road

There are frequent local buses that run from Thalassery via the Muzhappilangad Beach. The visitors can get down at the beach. Private auto rickshaws and taxis can be rented.


Summers are hot here and it becomes very humid, but one can stroll on the beach nay time of the day as it is not discomforting. The windy breeze on the beach makes it a pleasant experience. Kunnur lies on the coastal area, so here one can experience very high rainfall. The best time to visit the Muzhappilangad Beach is from October to April.

Beach Attractions

The beach has numerous attractions for tourists, and it drives many of them through the entire year. The main advantage of the beach is that it is the only drive on the beach. The sand here is very firm which makes the driving easy which is not the case of other beaches. The rocks border the beach, creating a shallow area and no currents which are ideal situation for swimmers. The beach has many eateries which serve the Malabar cuisine and other seafood. Fresh vegetables and fruits and seafood taste divine here.

Nearby Attractions

Dharmadan Island

This Island is near the beach and is a 2 hectare private island. This island can be seen from the Muzhappilangad Beach and is full of coconut trees and dense bushes. The visitors can walk to this island when there is low tide. But one has to take the permission before visiting the island as it is a private property.


Thalassery is a historical town which is just 20 km from Kannur and has very interesting and impressive architecture. The town has a British impact all over on the buildings. Thalassery were known to give many artists to the circus as years ago the German missionaries introduced gymnastics in schools which is followed till date. The place was formerly known as Tellicherry and was the only place for French military base in entire Kerala.

Arakkal Museum

This museum holds a historical importance as it was the home of Arakkal Ali Rajas which was the royal family. The Arakkals have a great impact on the history of Malabar and they ruled the coastal parts and Lakshadeep. The museum was once the palace of the rajas and is a 200 year old building which is now converted into a heritage museum.


Adventure Sports

The beach can be used to drive the entire length through cars and bikes.  People can also try some adventure stunts here like drifting, the wheeling of bikes. Swimming can be done here as the water is shallow because of the black rocks.

Beach Festival

This festival is held in the month of April every year which attracts tourists across the globe.


The busiest place in Kannur and the best place to buy some Kannur souvenirs is the fort road. This road further goes to the St. Angelo’s Fort and that is the reason this road is called the fort road. On this road, one can find may shopping outlets, banks and the largest shopping mall in Kannur known as the Kannur city center. Cotton saris, handloom, brass items, bell metal lamps, linens, and bed covers are the best things to buy.

Food Corners

Kannur will have traditional Kerala and Malabar cuisine served here in all restaurants. This cuisine includes the Rice, Dosa, Appam, Idly and lots of seafood varieties. Almost all local vendors and restaurants serve this food.