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Greater Grace Church

Greater Grace Church is located in the Meghalaya house, near Vashi station in Navi Mumbai and was established in 2010. The Church moralizes the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ preach the Bible and experiencing the rich life and grace in action. This church is an associate church of Greater Grace World Outreach (GGWO), a Christian organization which is Christ-centred and based on Bible. The church believes and runs the basic teaching session on the past Christian belief. A local preacher and a team who have God’s spirit lead Grater Grace Church.

To spread the doctrine of Jesus Christ and to practice and advertise a Christine lifestyle nationally and globally is the main aim of the church. Greater Grace Navi Mumbai Church (GGNMC) has been educating men and women in the organization of the Gospel since its inception and approaches to many places in the city and even in the world. Most of the worshippers of Greater Grace are in Vashi nearby of Navi Mumbai. GGC Baltimore known as the abode for a network of associate churches all over the world.

GGNMC is dynamically gratifying the Lord’s Great mission to preach the gospel and spread it around the world. The GGWO Missions Program assists thousands of followers in sixty nations and more than five hundred churches in countries outside the U.S. The Greater Grace Missions Department, The Grace Hour talk radio curriculum and Maryland Bible College and Seminary (MBCS) are the main resources for aiding these independent and successful worshipers.

MBCS provides a robust Biblical Studies programme which focuses on church-planting expertises and leadership development. In Baltimore, Grace Hour radio programme broadcasts everyday from its studio and connect with thousands followers daily through the airwaves and Internet.


Pastor Carl H. Stevens is preaching for more than 40 years now. When he was twenty three, he became a Christ believer and devoted himself to study about Jesus and to practice the ministry of the Bible. He was born in 1929 in West Sumner, Maine and brought up by his mother who became widower when he was just three years old. Pastor Stevens studied Christianity and Bible with great intensity and attentiveness. Establishment of prosperous churches in Massachusetts, Maryland and Maine was the result of the true dedication of Pastor Stevens. At the end, he directed many Bible colleges, where practical as well as academic training is offered and the christen organization would be promoted. In India, the Greater Grace Churches started almost twenty five years back by many teams of followers and afterwards these churches are being led by local men of God moved to carry on the job of God throughout the nation.

Worship in church

One can visit the church on every Sunday morning for Spirit-filled prayer and worships. Bible teaching and preaching is performed at 9:15 am at the Meghalaya house in Vashi. Followers, both Hindi and English speaking can enjoy the surrounding and feel the presence of God.

What the Christ does for you?

It is noticeably said in the Bible that God made the earth and the heavens. God has arranged a place for his people in heaven. Many of us really believe that if we do specific ceremonies, gain the sufficient knowledge about God and if our good jobs overshadow bad ones then we will go to heaven. Though, the Bible clearly tells that on this earth, there is not a single blameless person who does only good works and no sins. It has been declared by God in His Words that all men have sinned and fallen short of his magnificence. The result for sin is eternal separation from God and death. This shows that one day, we will all die and if we die without doing concord with God, we will be forever separated from Him will go to place called hell.

How to Reach

By Air

Mumbai airport is located about 22 km away from the Vashi. One can get the taxi or cab from the airport to Vashi at affordable prices. Direct flights are available from many cities in India to Mumbai. International tourists can also take direct flight tickets to Mumbai International Airport.

By Train

Mumbai CST is the major railway station. Good rail networks connect Mumbai to other parts of the country. After reaching Mumbai station one can reach the destination by local train and taxi. 

By Road

Mumbai is well connected roads with the major cities. Luxury deluxe buses and state transport bus services are operated from Mumbai to many cities in India like Ahmedabad, Goa, Pune etc.

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