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Epworth Methodist Telugu Church

Epworth Methodist Telugu Church located in Navi Mumbai area of Maharashtra is one of the popular destination for devotees. It provides a twenty one year old congregation to the followers along with a place to worship. Initially, it used to be a centre of worship in Vashi and later on, it was recognized as a Church.  The congregation then bought a piece of land in Navi Mumbai near Nerul and developed one of the most prominent and largest Methodist Churches in Mumbai. The interiors of this church have been specifically designed to match up the ancient and cultural standards of Churches. The wood work in the Church is magnificent and a treat to the eyes.

This church presently possesses four languages for the mass subsuming Marathi, Telugu, English and Tamil.

Activities in Church


Worshipping is carried out on regular basis in this Church and the weekly prayers are carried out in four languages. The time for each language's prayer is different. In Telugu, the mass prayers initiate at 7 AM, Tamil at 8.30 AM, English at 10 AM and Marathi at 11.30 AM.

How to Reach

By Air

Mumbai International Airport is India’s one of the most famous and crowded airport. The cities Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai are well air connected to Mumbai International Airport.

By Train

Navi Mumbai does not have a railway station of its own, hence the nearest railway station is in Panvel which is at a mere distance of 11 km. From there, auto rickshaw or a taxi or private cab can be taken to reach the Church. A local bus can also be opted.

By Road

Choosing road service to reach Epworth Methodist Telugu Church is a bit cumbersome if you are coming out of Mumbai. Though Mumbai is well connected with many of the major cities in Maharashtra by state owned bus services and private luxury deluxe buses but no direct bus of long route goes to Navi Mumbai. From there local buses are available to reach Navi Mumbai official local bus station, NMMT (Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport). From there, a local auto or rickshaw can be taken to reach church.

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