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City Light Community Church

City Light Community Church is one of the most famous, highly believed and accredited churches present in Navi Mumbai area of Mumbai, Maharashtra. This is a local church and is administered and managed by the local committee. The church is indulged in providing religious teachings and understanding along with the ‘Whole & Holy’ message of the sacred Bible. The worship and prayers at City Light Community Church are focused to provide people with initiations to get re-connected with Holy Spirit – God himself.

City Light Community Church has Baptist origin and evangelizes the traditional Charismatic leanings through their prayers, services and programmes. The church is open for all, irrespective of their creed, caste, work, religion or age. The major emphasis in this church is on the teachings from Bible, the Holy Book.

History of Church

Churches in India came into subsistence when British people came to India and ruled it. Under the influence of East India Company, the Christian religion flourished greatly giving rise to number of Churches coming to existence. These came forward with different purposes, some came to spread the holy words of Jesus while some were formulated to spread the Christian religion only.

City Light Community Church has a purpose to enrich the practice of Bible Study, Prayer Meetings, Counseling, House Groups, Spreading the Holy Bible words along with Youth-Teen-Children Meetings. There is a committee of administration for City Light Community Church that takes care of entire operations and working of the church. This was formulated during the time of formation of church and till date it is administering the church.

Activities in Church


A regular weekly service and worship is done at the City Light Community Church which is held in Sunday at the Church Hall. Regular prayers are offered to the mighty God, Jesus and Mother Mary along with the preachings from Father. The worship is done from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm every Sunday in English. The worship takes place under the supervision of Holy Pastor Anil Thomas. The following and teachings from Bible are used to perform the preaching by the Father during worship.

Celebration Service

Along with the worship and prayers at the Church Hall, that are carried every Sunday evening, one more service is done. This service is termed as the ‘Celebration Service’ and many people, even from other religions, take part in this service. The purpose of the service is to enjoy and continue the fellowship of each other with the grace of God. This service provides a contemporary feel along with an open participation and modern soothing music allowing everyone to seek guidance and love from Holy Spirit. Bible teaching is the core key ingredient of the ‘Celebration Service’ meetings.


City Light Community Church also provides religious educational programmes to adults for providing Holy teachings to people. Along with these, some special programmes are also provided to children and youth to help them to get training to leave the Bad and move towards Good while implementing the good traits of humanity and spreading the Good News of Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ with people.

How to Reach

In order to reach City Light Community Church, one simply needs to reach Navi Mumbai since the church is situated in the Belapur Railway Station Complex in Navi Mumbai. One can chose the mode of Air, railways or Road to reach there.

By Air

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the nearest airport. The airport is well connected to all the Indian cities.

By Train

The nearest railway station is in Panvel which is at a mere distance of 11 km. From there, auto rickshaw or a taxi or private cab or even bus can be hired to reach the Church.

By Road

State owned bus services and private luxury deluxe buses can be opted. But no direct bus of long route goes to Navi Mumbai. So, after reaching Navi Mumbai, one can either take an auto, cab or a local bus to reach the church.

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