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In almost all of India, you can find loads of fantastic trekking and hiking opportunities if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Whether it is the rugged exquisiteness of the Himalayas, the gorgeous Coorg countryside of the South, the plains at Munnar or the Periyar rain forests in Kerala – there are many things to excite you. While on these treks you will be confronting the stunning spectacle of the wilderness found here, the distant villages which are blessed with peculiar traditions of their own and the magnificence of the wildlife that can be found in Indian forests.

Kerala has been bestowed with such magical and vast tourism possibilities right in its lap that there is no way it will not hold your attention, whatever your inclinations. In its sultry dwelling, the Eastern part of Kerala borders the west of the rain shadow of the Western Ghats. It is adorned by high mountains, canyons and deep valleys, hence presenting you with ideal camping and trekking destinations which you can explore to your heart’s content. The lowlands belonging to the Western Ghats next to Munnar along with the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary are specifically famous for if you want to embark on trekking adventures. The narrow strip of land that constitutes the whole of Kerala lies securely shielded within the barriers made by lofty mountains and substantial forests. Expectedly, the mountain range provides unbelievably gorgeous routes for trekking if you are among those who search for pure adventures. A trek through these Keralan forest areas consists of relocating campsites, voyaging over beautiful lakes over Bamboo rafts and travelling a minimum of 20-30 km daily. This experience will surely leave you completely spell bound at the gorgeousness of the magnificent tropical forests that Kerala is known for. The imposing lofty mountains that are stretched over the Western Ghats support the forests and the various water bodies. When in Munnar, you will get to set your camp as high as 7000 feet.

Among the most ideal trekking places of Kerala are:

Agastyarkoodam peak

Agastyarkoodam peak, located in the district of Thiruvananthapuram, is the second highest peak of Kerala. It is placed at the rim of Tamil Nadu and is home to plenty of ayurvedic plants which are known for their medicinal value. The peak is as high as 1868 meters. Perfect time to trek in this area is December through April. Trekking is the most popular sport here. The trek lasts two days and to trek in the region, the visitors have to obtain a pass via the Warden of the Forest Department of Thiruvananthapuram.

Chembra peak

Chembra peak is a majestic peak located near Meppady town of Wayanad district. It is undoubtedly the highest mountain peak of the district. The peak has a height close to 2100 meters higher than sea level. This is a favorite among tourists who want to trek. Trekking here is done with prior permission taken from the forest office. All facilities for trekking are given by the District Tourism Promotion Council, which provides guides and gear for trekking such as sleeping bags and huts. The panoramic view of nature that you get from the peak of the hill is spectacular. You’ll get to see almost the whole Wayanad from there.

Trekking at Periyar

Periyar Tiger reserve is situated in Thekkady within Idukki district. It is a secure area that expands over 925 square kilometers of land. About 350 square kilometers of the area have been named as Periyar national Park and Tiger Reserve. People also refer to it is as Thekkady wildlife. Here you can enjoy various kinds of trekking programs that last for two hours to the whole day. They are organized via trained guides. These programs include Border hiking, Tiger Trail, jungle patrol, night trekking and much more.


Thusharagiri waterfalls are located in the Western Ghats within the district of Kozhikode. The implication of the word Thusharagiri is ‘snow covered mountains’. This whole region looks as if snow capped, thus the name. The streams originating from the Ghats combine to create the Chalippuzha River. It’s a popular tourist destination. If you enjoy adventurous activities you should come here for rock climbing and trekking. The main sport here is trekking because this area offers endless opportunities for that. You will find five waterfalls here, and out of those only three can be covered in a day.


This is a hill station which is located in the district of Kannur. It is a part of Western Ghats and is known to have a height of about 1372 meters upwards of sea level. The mountain range extends to around 500 acres and is fully enclosed with thick forests. Tourists who are looking for an adventurous trip should surely come up to the hill station. There are lots of trekking activities you can engage in. The journey to the peak of the hill is about 6 kms.

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