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Para Gliding

Paragliding is a very famous activity that is perfect for fun and recreation. It is also considered to be a part of adventure sports, hence people with adventurous bent of mind love to enjoy this sport when coming to Kerala. There are many places in the state where this aerial sport can be enjoyed. Using a parachute with a canopy, one can enjoy a free flying experience. Since this parachute is quite light in weight, an individual can run at a high speed as it is a foot launched aircraft that glides easily. Absence of rigid structure helps a person to manoeuvre it easily. The plot is supposed to sit in a harness that suspends below the fabric wing. As the pilot runs on the turf, an aerodynamic pressure builds in due to its unique shape and the aircraft glides easily.

The aircraft does not have any engine, yet hundreds of kilometres can be covered by the paragliders and they can continue floating in the air for hours together. Kerala is a beautiful destination that is known to offer a wide array of attractions to the tourists coming here. On one hand, it offers several scenic places, on the other there are temples and churches to visit. The destination has also gained a lot of popularity for offering wide range of adventure sports activities. Para Gliding is one of them.

Touching the skies with Para Gliding

Visitors coming to Kerala can fulfil their dream of soaring into the sky and experience weightlessness just like a bird. With no restriction in the sky, a person can attain great heights in the sky. Today, this love for heights has become a very popular sport, that is, para gliding. With this sport, people with adventurous bent of mind can enjoy the thrill of flying. It is a competitive sport and many countries organise competitions for the same. In Kerala, this game has gained a status of an organised sport quite recently. While flying up in the air, a person can explore the nearby places from mid air. Beautiful landscapes can be enjoyed and nature’s attractions at its best can be seen from above.

Close to the hills of Kolahalamedu, that is located at a distance of about 4 kms from Wagamon, the brave hearts who love to enjoy adventure come here for paragliding. In this area, Amruthamedu, the second highest peak in South India is located where this activity can be enjoyed. There is a ridge about ten kilometres long and at a height of about 3,000 feet which is considered to be perfect for this adventurous activity. In South India, there is a training school where a chance to learn the skills and techniques of this sport can be learned by interested candidates. State of the art equipments are used for training candidates so that they can enjoy this wonderful activity with gay abandon.

Feel like a bird with para gliding

With this sport, a man can fulfil his wildest dreams of flying just like a bird. One can soar high into the boundless sky. Munnar is another popular place where para gliding activity is carried out. This destination is simply a treat for the eyes. This place simply lifts the mood of a pilot who comes here for enjoying this wonderful activity. The gorgeous mountains located here offer a perfect vantage point for this sport.

Another popular destination where para gliding activity is organised in the state of Kerala is Vagamon. Located on the fringes of Kottayam, this place is positioned about 1,100 meters above the level of the sea. Rolling hills and verdant fields offer a perfect place to indulge in this activity. The climate of this place stays cool round the year due to its altitude. Moreover, tea plantations of this place enhance the beauty and serenity of this destination. A para gliding festival is also organised here from skilled para gliders come here to participate in this festival. The hills at Vagamon are also famous for enjoying picnics with friends and family. The major hills in this area are Thangal Hill, Kurishumala and Murukan Hill. This place that is known as “Scotland of Asia” is famous for para gliding activity. People from far away destinations come here to enjoy this activity.

Reaching Munnar:

The closest railway station and airport is in Kochi, located at a distance of 130 km. You can also access Munnar via various towns of Kerala. At a distance of 80 km from Kochi is Kottayam.

Reaching Vagamon:

About 25 kilometres away from Peermede, Vagamon is a beautiful place. Kottayam Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is located about 75 kms away. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Vagamon.

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