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Catamaran Sailing

Sailing has been a popular activity since times immemorial. People love to sail around lazily and enjoy a perfect time with friends and family. Sailing vacation have become quite happening these days. Catamarans are also gaining a lot of popularity these days. This craft offers a wide berth and their size is such that it can accommodate a large group easily. A big, joint family can plan a catamaran sailing vacation together or office staff can plan such vacations. Similarly student groups can also plan such vacations. Not only speed and stability is offered by this craft but it can accommodate a large number of people without any trouble.
The word Catamaran has been derived from a Tamil word referred to as “Kattumaram”. The meaning of this word is logs that are joined side by side together. Such crafts were earlier used by fishermen when going to the high seas for getting a great catch. Sometimes racers also use this catamaran in a crude form. Today, catamarans have undergone several modifications. The catamarans are now having two hulls and there is a wide deck that connects with diagonal panels. Because of this wide deck, a catamaran is able to offer wide space thereby accommodating large number of people. Huge sails are one of the major characteristics of catamaran. With the help of this huge sails, high speed can be attained by this craft but the only downturn of this characteristic is its difficulty in turning. Today, catamarans have become all the more popular than yachts. Catamaran sailing has become a very popular vacation activity these days.

Meander Gently In the Backwaters of Kerala With Catamarans

This Catamaran sailing is also gaining a lot of popularity in Kerala where this is becoming popular as adventure sport. Several popular beaches offer opportunity for Catamaran sailing. In Kerala backwaters, it is fun to sail around in a catamaran in its placid water. Today, motorized catamarans are also available. They are more famous than the traditional catamarans that are propelled by wooden oars.

Kerala is a beautiful place, rich in nature’s attractions. There is vast expanse of sea, backwaters, gently swaying coconut trees, palm trees and many other scenic places. This state has a vast coastline and some glorious beaches that are attracting visitors from all over the world. Azure blue waters beckon people to enjoy the beauty of the nature. The state has a lot to boast about and now water sports are being promoted by the state.
Kerala, a paradise for the tourists invites visitors for enjoying catamaran sailing. There is a labyrinth of lakes, backwaters and lagoons where catamarans sailing can be enjoyed. It is really rejuvenating and relaxing to sail gently across serene shallow waters.

Best Catamaran Sailing Destinations in Kerala

This virgin sport is enjoyed immensely in the Keralan aquatic world. Alappuzha, Kovalam, Varkala and many more are some of the awe inspiring destinations in Kerala where this adventure sport is enjoyed.

Allappuzha is a beautiful destination located in the state of Kerala. With the vast expanse of Arabian Sea on its western fringes and several lakes criss crossing the land, this place is perfect for catamaran sailing. In the months of August and September, snake boat races are organised here. A procession of catamarans is taken out and the race begins amidst lot of fun and gaiety.

Catamaran cruises are also available in Kovalam. The swollen sea at Kovalam beckons fishermen in their unmanned catamarans. There is Valliathura about 10 kms away from Kovalam from where catamarans can be taken. People coming here love to make a race in their catamarans.  

Reaching Allappuzha:

Both Cochin as well as Trivandrum is located close to this destination. Alleppy Railway Station is the closest railway station. Similarly both Cochin International Airport as well as Trivendrum International Airport is located close to this popular place. The place is well connected with several towns of Kerala and nearby states. Taxi cabs can be taken to reach this destination. The destination is served by several state owned as well as luxury buses plying their services.

Reaching Kovalam

The closest railway station and airport is in Trivandrum Central, located at a distance of 15 kms. The place is well connected with several towns of Kerala and nearby states. About 11 kms away from Kovalam, Trivandrum International Airport is located from where taxi cabs can be taken to reach this destination. Several state owned as well as luxury buses are also available that ply their services to this destination.

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