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Wind Surfing

Water sports are not only thrill but also rejuvenating. The water simply takes away our tensions, stress and hassles of our day to day life. Some water sports are very easy to enjoy but some are challenging. Windsurfing is one of the water sports that can be described as a mix between sailing and surfing. This form of water sports is gaining a lot of popularity all around the world. Also known as boardsailing, in this sport a person move over the water in a small board with dimensions varying from 2-4.7 meters with the help of wind that acts on a single sail which connects to the board using a flexible joint. This board on which an individual moves can be considered as a minimalistic form of a modern sailboat. The only thing that differentiates it from the latter is the absence of a steering wheel. In a board, the mast and sail is tilted to change direction instead of a rudder.

Challenge of Windsurfing!

Almost anyone can windsurf, it is not necessary to train a lot to enjoy this sport. If one knows how to swim, he or she is set for this sport. Sometimes, one can fall off the board but that amounts to nothing as it is part of this sport. Until and unless you are afraid of ocean, you will face no problem.

Windsurfing in God’s Own Country!!!

Kerala is considered to be one of the best locations for windsurfing in India due to its placid seas and gentle and breezy climate that helps to sail in a convenient manner. The skill of windsurfing when honed well can bring about an adrenaline rush in a sport enthusiast. This recreational activity is becoming very popular in Kerala. Moreover, vast expanse of azure blue waters beckons avid sport enthusiasts in large numbers. The waves challenge them to try and ride them in a graceful manner.  If coming to Kerala, do not forget to add this activity in your itinerary. You will realise later that this was the best decision while holidaying.

Though not very difficult, an individual is expected to brush his or her manoeuvring skills in accordance with change in sea and wind currents. While manoeuvring a surfboard, care needs to be taken that one does not lose his or her balance while riding waves. It is fun to skim the surface of water with the help of a surfboard.
Kovalam Beach in Kerala is a must visit destination for avid wind surfers. This place is perfect as it experiences high waves at all times during the year making it convenient to enjoy this activity. Varkala Beach is another popular destination located close to Kovalam Beach. There is a beach break spot here which is perfect for wind surfing. There are too good hollow rights and lefts. Mahe is another wind surfing destination in Kerala where wind surfers love to come and enjoy this sport.

Reaching Kovalam:

One can reach Kovalam using different modes of transport. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Kovalam. Kovalam Railway Station is also located here that brings visitors from various parts of the state and the country. Severa buses, some state owned and some private coaches also offer their services to this destination.

Reaching Varkala Beach:

Varkala has its own railway station that brings a lot of visitors from faraway destinations in the country. About 66 kms away from this place, Trivandrum International Airport is located. KSRTC Buses also ply to this beach town besides many luxury private coaches coming to this city.

Reaching Mahe:

Mahe is located about 60 kms away from Calicut. Kozhikode is the nearest airport to reach here. There is a railway station in Mahe that brings a large number of visitors from all over the country. Mahe is well connected with various cities and towns located in the state as well as neighbouring state. State transport buses and deluxe coaches also ply their services to this destination.

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