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Water Sports

Kerala, popularly called as "God's Own Country," has been bestowed with some of the premium hill stations, beaches and backwaters of not only our country but also the whole world. It is truly a paradise for those who seek adventures. The state offers brilliant conditions for an exhilarating variety of water sports. Its immaculate beaches along with peaceful backwaters with plentiful lagoons, rivers, lakes, streams, stunning rivulets and canals guarantee limitless opportunities to take pleasure in numerous rousing water sports. Once you invest in an unforgettable tour of Kerala, you discover loads of electrifying occasions for an extensive array of water sports. When on a tour to Kerala, you can expect to be delighted by the exhilarating water activities such as swimming, canoeing, angling, diving, sailing, catamaran rides, kayaking, jet skiing, paragliding, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling, speed boating, water skiing, deep sea fishing and wind surfing among a plethora of others.

Kerala offers plenty of stirring destinations where you can have adventure and fun filled water sports. While touring Kerala, you will get to see world-famed beaches such as Beypore, Mararikulam and Kovalam which attract tourists with their wide selection of water and beach activities. You can get pleasure from swimming in crystal clear and immaculate waters of the sea or pamper yourself with adventurous paragliding and jet skiing. You can also treat yourself to thrilling beach sports such as beach volleyball, basketball and football. Among other things you can enjoy is a houseboat ride on the calm backwaters of Kerala along with a trip to to the lovely Veli Lagoon located close to Kumarakom. The lagoon is famous for the water-related enjoyment offered here. While sitting comfortably your houseboat’s deck you will get to enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience over the beautiful Kerala backwaters. Whilst at Veli Lagoon, a high-speed motorboat cruise or angling in the peaceful lake waters are a couple of things you can try. With so much of fun to offer, this state is surely a wonderful place to enjoy a plethora of water sports.

The infamous ‘Nehru Trophy Boat Race’ and ‘Snake Boat Race’ are the most awaited water events celebrated during the year in Kerala. Apart from these, tourists also have the benefit of venturing to make sandcastles on the marshy sands on the golden beaches.

Among the most frequently enjoyed water sports in Kerala are: 

  • Canoeing: This is a much loved sport among those who visit Kerala and also among the local residents of this state. 

    A canoe is a tiny boat seating 2 or 3 people. It is paddled by the sailors. In Kerala, groups of tourists undertake the canoeing missions are and such glides are mostly arranged on request by the tourist operators.
  • Catamaran Sailing: Catamarans are small vessels, often wooded, which have twin hulls combined together. A catamaran is generally set sail upon the backwaters of Kerala. These days, mechanical catamarans are in fashion, along with the customary oar-propelled ones which give the tourists a lot more variety to coddle in. 
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is an activity which requires a high level of physical fitness. Kayaks are small boats carrying one or two people which the rowers activate with identical paddled oars. You can undertake kayaking on rocky torrents (identical to white water rafting) or even on peaceful sea waters. Backwaters in Kerala are tremendously favorable to kayaking. 
  • Para Sailing: This is a water sport frequently enjoyed in sea side resorts and beaches. Sailors are strapped to parachutes which in turn are attached via harnesses to motor boats or similar little vessel. As the boats pick up speed, the sailors fly into the air. This is a highly frivolous sport and is considered among the crucial adventure sports undertaken on Kerala's beaches. 
  • Scuba Diving: This is deep sea diving in which an oxygen pack is fitted with the diving suit to prevent the diver from needing to depend on any sort of equipment supplied via surface. The bottomless Arabian Sea off the shores of Kerala makes this activity an authentic sport for pleasure. The rich flora and fauna underwater makes the diver overlook the risks associated with this exercise. 
  • Snorkeling: Snorkeling is another major tourist attraction available at the Alappuzha, Varkala and Kovalam beaches. In this, you are supposed to swim at the sea’s surface outfitted with a snorkel (a breathing tube along with a mask). It gives the diver the chance to view the bounties found underneath and the assortment of marine life. 
  • Wind Surfing: In this sport, you skim the water surface on a surfboard that is equipped with a spinning sail. The surfer’s skill is tested while maneuvering the board amid the tearing winds and high waves. This is a sport that stirs up a lot of interest in the plenty of beaches that line the coasts of Kerala.

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