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Scuba Diving

Although, there are many water based activities that attracts visitors in large numbers, but scuba diving is unique in itself. It brings a person closer to the Mother Nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, scuba diving simply takes you to a different world, the aquatic world, where a wide spectrum of fish, aquatic species, and corals can be seen at a close quarter. People who are travelling to tropical places prefer scuba diving activity among several other water based activities available. Diving among these unique creatures simply mesmerises divers who love to watch these glorious creatures amidst their natural habitat.

In order to enjoy this amazing experience, visitors need to go to such destinations that are perfect for diving, such as Kerala. Vast expanse of sea encompasses a world full of amazing creatures. Avid photographers can take their water proof digital cameras and click pictures of some unique creatures and sea life. Watching fish or other aquatic creatures in aquarium is totally different from watching them at close quarters. Many divers love to visit some ship wreck remnants or an underwater cave that opens several mysteries in front of him. Large water bodies usually cocoon several mysteries and depths in their bellies and to unravel them, a diver has to be patient and persevere to open the lock of these mysteries.

Scuba Diving- A thrilling experience!

This fun giving experience is becoming quite popular these days. One needs to have proper diving equipment before taking up this activity. One should buy a state of the art underwater digital camera so as to capture some wonderful images of the sea creatures. One can plan a scuba diving vacation along with friends and family. Many experts believe this activity to have some therapeutic advantages. People love to watch this surreal alien world in the depths of water. This is once in a lifetime experience for many, hence one should make the most of it. Dive with sharks, whales, octopuses and many other beautiful marine creatures and see a new world sans noise.

In Kerala, sport enthusiasts who love to indulge in water based activities usually go for scuba diving. The sport of scuba diving is becoming very popular in the state of Kerala. The government is promoting a wide spectrum of adventure sports and scuba diving is one of them. The pristine beaches of Kerala attract a large number of tourists. Some serious sport enthusiasts go further and dive in the world of marine creatures and watch colourful planktons, fish and marine life. Before going for this activity, it is imperative that one undergoes proper training for the same. An individual needs to be physically fit to enjoy this activity. Proper diving suit needs to be worn and in individual must know the proper use of breathing apparatus. Eye goggles are necessary to protect eyes and a cap is used to cover the head. Certain guidelines need to be followed to make this experience an enjoyable one. After taking care of all these things, one must set out for a fascinating experience.  

Diving at Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is a popular place in Kerala where people can enjoy scuba diving activities. A bout 54 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala Beach is located. This beach is quite serene and calm. Here many people come for a relaxed and comfortable holidays. Scuba Diving is one of the popular water based activities that is available here. The picturesque attractions along with scuba diving opportunities have made this place popular. There is a high rocky cliff close to the beach

Reaching Varkala Beach:

Varkala Beach is a beautiful place in Kerala where scuba diving activities can be enjoyed by the visitors coming here. To come here, bus services, train services as well as air services are available easily. About 46 kms away from this beach, the nearest airport located is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. Nearest railway station is just 3 kms away from this awe inspiring beach. Kollam is situated about 37 kms away from this beach and several buses, both state owned as well as luxury coaches run privately are available from various cities and towns of the state to reach here.

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