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Tree Climbing

Coconut trees are beloved in Kerala. They are the source of refreshing coconut drinks, oil, kernels, toddy (i.e. alcoholic), branches for firewood, fiber for ropes etc. This makes coconut tree climbing a much preferred activity in the state. It is an adventure sport comparable with rock climbing. Along with surfing and rock climbing, adventure seekers in Kerala are turning towards tree climbing. While tree climbing, there is no bar of age or fitness level. The only requirement is that the age of the climber should be more than 12. For safety’s sake, the best climbing equipment is provided.

If you are young from within and are waiting to explore the delights offered by trees, tree climbing is for you. Any of the various techniques available can be applied while climbing trees.  Everyone has a different method depending on their individual preference and style, along with the complexity of the climb and the category of tree.

Enjoy with tree climbing

When in Kerala, tree climbing is a quite interesting and adventurous activity you can indulge in, apart from sky flying, river rafting, rock climbing and wildlife safari. It is an unforgettable experience to be 60 feet above the ground on top of a tree, getting a bird-eye view of the surrounding areas. For a tourist it is a pretty rare experience. For those interested in tree climbing, Kerala is among two of the Indian states where this luxury is available. 500 rupees will provide you with a professional climber along with a security system. The international organization which promotes such activities all over the world is ‘Tree Climbing International’

Tree Climbing Supplies:

If you are interested in trying out this unique sport and have no idea about the equipments that are necessary, this portion will cover that up. Tree climbing supplies are the fundamental provisions that climbers are offered in the promotion of effortless and easy climbing of trees. They provide mechanical assistance and solutions for common hindrances that climbers encounter. Mostly all climbers own only three basic equipments. These are the rope, rope grabs and the safety helmet. What people are unaware of is that other equipments are available that may prove more beneficial while climbing. Supplies for tree climbing include the following- ascenders, eye slings and tails friction, binders and snaps, savers gear storage, lanyards and flip lines, helmets and gloves, rings, tree boats and pulleys.
Ascender is the equipment which helps you to advance your position during the climb. It constitutes equipments such as handle ascender, rope grabs, foot ascender and motorized ascender.

  • Rope grab is the oldest and most basic ascender that can be availed from the market. It usually asks for a lot of energy and effort from the climber.
  •  Handle ascender is tailored with handles that grasp the rope while manually holding the position and helps to flow freely down the rope.
  •  Motorized ascender helps with effortless lifting and consumes much lesser energy as it involves climbing with the help of motor pulleys.
  • Foot ascender act like ladders as they provide a step-on device which helps in ascending to high portions of trees. They maintain tension on rope which prevents any unnecessary effort.
  • Binders and Snaps are locking mechanisms that are meant for climbing cables and ropes. Their maximum breakage capacity is about 5000 pounds. Mostly used categories of Binders and Snaps include auto-locking, rope snaps and screw locking. Auto-locking entails three necessary motions to free the rope from the lock. Screw locking entails two necessary motions, one of which is the turning motion, for opening the lock. Rope snaps entail one necessary motion for opening the lock. It is advised against for main line applications.
  • Eye slings and Tails Friction used for anchoring the main lines of ropes when adjustments for the lanyards are being provided. They can either be open-end loops or close end loops according to the tree care or the climber’s preference.
  • Saver Gear storage is a bag that is intended for the storage of the ropes used while tree climbing, along with other supplies. Mostly all climbers their rope bag and their accessory bag separate to have easy accessibility plus neater display of the climbing tools.
  • Helmets and Gloves are usually put into the category of climbing clothes as they help protect the head and the hands. Sudden injuries on the hands and head are generally caused by inefficient equipment. Helmets are intended as a shield over the head while gloves are intended to prevent punctures and wood cuts on the fingers.
  • Lanyards and Fliplines are ropes or cords that are worn about the object. They come in handy while lifting accessories, specimens or even additional ropes when a climber is interested in reaching higher altitudes.

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