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Canoeing is a fantastic activity, and those who have not yet indulged in this activity cannot understand the fun of indulging in this sport. This outdoor activity is quite leisurely and a perfect form of recreation. An individual simply needs to paddle a canoe and simply float away in a river. As per experts, kayaking or canoeing needs only human muscle power and a paddle to propel a canoe in the water. In propelling a canoe, either a single or a double bladed paddle is used. On a raised seat, the paddler need to sit of kneel.

Today, recreational canoeing has become immensely famous. These days, hybrid canoes are also available that enhances the fun of indulging in this activity by several notches. Canoeing is of different kinds, and every one of them offers a chance to enjoy and indulge in recreation. One of the popular ways of canoeing is white water canoeing. In white water rivers, white water canoeing can be enjoyed. It is a fun activity that is indulged in by many people today. When indulging in this activity, an individual has a choice to go for a short or long term expeditions. Seasoned people can go for long term expeditions, and while doing so they can explore the nearby areas and enjoy the beauty of a destination. In the water body where they are enjoying this recreational activity, they can at times face raging torrents. Such are extreme expeditions, but for the same, they need to indulge in a lot of practice. Good navigational skill is required to enjoy this sport.

Kerala is a famous destination and is known as “God’s Own Country”. Besides scenic attractions, the destination is known to offer various adventure sport activities. Canoeing is one of them. Canoeing cruises are also available in the state and many tourists coming here looking for wonderful time. There are narrow canals through which these cruises pass. In Kerala backwaters, there are many places where canoeing can be enjoyed. It is fun to enjoy the vast expanse of paddy fields all around, isolated islands and lagoons.

Meander gently through the backwaters

One of the popular places in Kerala where canoeing can be enjoyed is Alleppey. Here, River Thathampally flows. It is simply mesmerizing to float leisurely on a canoe through narrow water channels under the dense thickets of trees. Hues of emerald green colour can be seen wherever one sees. It is enthralling to watch majestic Kerala with its true colours. Paddy fields all around add character to this already beautiful place. Chirping of birds and gentle swooshing sound of the canoe is broken only by the splashing sounds of wooden oars.

While canoeing, one can also watch coir villages all around. Silver fish can be seen in the lakes. Canoeing is the perfect way to see rural Kerala at a close quarter. The place is so beautiful that one can relive the memories of this place forever. There is a maze of backwaters in Alappuzha from where canoeing begins and passes through Kuttanad. Kumarakom is another destination from where canoeing activity can begin. This place can be treated as base camp. Swaying palms in the gentle wind and scenic locales all around enhances the fun of indulging in this activity by several notches.

This activity is perfect for enjoying, relaxation and recreation. Individuals choose this activity for unwinding. Two people can be accommodated in a canoe. Tapering at both ends, this small boat has an aerodynamic shape that helps in tearing the placid backwaters in Kerala. 
When cool water splashes on the face, it is really fun and thrilling.


Reaching Alleppey:

The closest railway station is located in Trivandrum and Cochin. About 46 kms away, Kottayam railway station is located that is perfect to reach Alleppey. The nearest airports to reach Alleppey are Cochin International Airport and Trivandrum International Airport. Trivandrum and Cochin are located at a distance of about 151 kms and 75 kms respectively. Many buses also ply to this destination from nearby cities and towns in the state and neighbouring cities.

Reaching Kumarakom:

The closest railway station is located in Kottayam. About 16 kms away, Kottayam railway station is located that is perfect to reach Kumarakom. The nearest airport to reach Kumarakom is Cochin International Airport which is located about 85 kms away from Kumarakom. Many buses also ply to this destination from nearby cities and towns in the state and neighbouring cities.

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