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Snorkelling is a popular water based activity. This activity is offered by many beach resorts. Many tourists come to beach towns in order to enjoy this activity. Snorkelling activity offers an opportunity to visualise the world under the water. The marine world is equally interesting and enthralling. This is a mainstream water based activity and any one can enjoy it. These days, many hotels and resorts located close to beaches offer snorkelling tours. There are guides and instructors hired by the resorts who guide visitors about snorkelling thereby ensuring that they enjoy this activity. People enjoy a whole day in water and dive to their heart’s content and love to explore underwater world. Guides ensure that the visitors are taken to the area where they can explore marine world at its best. Sometimes, people are taken to areas that have zero visibility and this spoils the thrill of whole exercise.

Enjoy snorkelling and relax completely

People who are interested in this activity first need to do away with their fear of water, depth, waves and currents. Moreover, when in water, people need to breathe using snorkelling gear which is quite different from breathing when on land. Individuals need to practice for the same so that they can breathe easily when in the dark recesses of water. One also needs to practice the entire gear which many be troublesome for some people who are not used to wear such heavy gears. Relaxation is the key for ensuring complete enjoyment. There is a magical world below vast expanse of water. It mesmerises people to see the world of unique marine creatures open before their eyes. Loosen up and enjoy the sights below water. For indulging in this activity, a person needs to go towards high seas when choosing a proper destination for diving for snorkelling. When reaching this place, individuals need to overcome their seasickness problem if they have such problem. In case one is prone to this problem, he or she should ensure popping an anti-motion sickness tablet. When the boat is anchored at the point from here one has to dive, the waves rock the boat incessantly. This induces motion sickness and one should be well prepared for the same.

Snorkelling is an enjoyable activity and it is thrilling to swim around amidst thousands of marine creatures like colourful fish of every shape and size, jellyfish, manta rays, sharks, lobsters and dolphins.

Snorkelling At Kerala Beaches

Snorkelling activity has gained a lot of popularity in Kerala. The best destinations for this activity are Kovalam and Varkala. This activity is enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Enchanting views of coral reefs and marine creatures can be seen here.

Reaching Kovalam:

Kovalam is well connected from most of the cities and town located in Kerala and nearby states. Various transportation modes are available that can be used by tourists to reach here. The closest airport to reach Kovalam is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. There is a railway station also at this destination. Many prominent trains bring a large number of visitors to this place. Buses also ply their services to this destination. Besides state roadways transport buses, luxury coaches are also available.

Reaching Varkala Beach:

Varkala Beach is another popular destination where snorkelling activity can be enjoyed. People love to visit this place. To reach here, Trivandrum International Airport can be used. Buses, taxi cabs or bikes can be used as road transport to reach here.

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