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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a tremendously thrilling sport, full of risk, thrills, and most of all the overpowering feeling of triumph at having climbed up the face of a cliff. Rock climbing is mentally and physically very demanding as it combines the requirement for immense physical stamina, nerves of steel, the skill to ‘read’ the walls and select the best course to climb, and a good strength to weight ratio.

This sport needs you to be mentally and physically strong because the activity involved is definitely a test of a person’s grit and stamina.

Thrills involved in Rock Climbing

Like in any other sport, in rock climbing the body is maneuvered through mental strength and you will be required to go beyond yourself. If you are interested in becoming agile and psychologically strong, the best possible way to start is via rock climbing. It is a unique feeling to be high over a wall, moving stealthily with accuracy on the edge of space.

You have to focus your concentration on one crucial move. Within that faultless moment you neatly swing up, locking on top of the handhold. These days this sport is an exciting, challenging and safe activity which comes inside the abilities of many active people. Mostly all of the adventurous people have the craving to climb.

lithering up an almost vertical face of a rock with your mind and body working together in tandem is one of the greatest thrills.

Rock climbing can also be done as a group activity. When done in groups, it becomes a lot more fun. Apart from being fun this sport is also pretty good for your health as it works on your back muscles, biceps and forearms. As a workout it is naturally exciting.

Rock Climbing has become one of the crucial sports of the state, which requires a lot of endurance and physical strength. The sport poses an unusual type of challenge, adrenaline rush and excitement. This is perhaps among the loads of reasons that so many people are so thrilled doing this activity.

Rock Climbing Spots in Kerala

Free climbing and aid climbing are the two types of rock climbing you can select from when in Kerala. While doing free climbing gears and ropes for safety will be made available to you in case of a drop. However, while undertaking aid climbing a route up a piece of rock is created with the help of equipment that is kept in the rock for progressing upwards. The training required for those trying out rock climbing can be availed at various locations throughout Kerala.

The charming dam site in Kakkayam, swarming with striking wild life, has fantastic rock climbing opportunities in store for you. The most appropriate time to start your tour is November through April.

If you are looking for a high dose of adrenalin and are willing to analyze your adventurous spirit you should check out Thenmala. You will find it a pretty thrilling experience. If you wish to give your body muscles some workout you should definitely try rock climbing in Thenmla.

Located close to the village of Kappimala, Pythal Mala reaches a height of about 1371.6 meters above the sea level. Hence, the place is perfect for rappelling, rock climbing and other related sports. This area is very snugly established in the Western Ghats, which means that you are very likely to find verdant greenery all over the place. Among the uppermost peaks in Kannur, this is a refuge for rock climbers. Dozens of tourists come to this area to experience the superb rock climbing missions that are conducted annually.

Munnar, a famous hill station of Kerala, is very popular for the abundant green valleys found here, a along with the mighty forests, tea plantations and pristine lakes. Most importantly, this area is a heaven for those who seek adventure. The adventure tour of Kerala begins with loads of adventurous sports like hang gliding, rock climbing and paragliding. Extreme lovers of sports and daring youngsters will fall in love with the place. You will also get to enjoy quiet nature walks and exhilarating treks, and catch glimpses of beautiful and rare birds, which hold tourists spellbound.

The energizing sessions of rock climbing can be conveniently undertaken with the help of the tourism advertisers since they have the details relating to the dangers and depths associated with your expedition. Cycling or strolling down the pathways gives you an appetite for exploring this uniquely beautiful and tranquil place tucked snugly amid the foothills. 

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