The state of Kerala gives its visitors an enchanting view of both the natural beauty and eco friendly environment. The visitors to this place also enjoy the various organized safari tours. The tours are such that one can experience the wildlife of Kerala and also if tourist prefer they can take a tour to the beautiful tea gardens, enjoy the variety of flowers and plantation in Kerala.

The tours operators design the tours in am fashion that the tourist feels relaxed and are deeply rooted in the beauty of Kerala. The tours let the people enjoy few moments of their life peacefully and calmly thus the statement that Kerala is the God’s own country held’s true. The geography of Kerala is such that it is located at the temperate backwaters, have high mountains and beautiful landscapes, and have a view of Western Ghats, at one end the mountain range goes u t o 1500 kms from north to south.  The place has a narrow coastal strip and has the Mountain View in its back and thus this area has rain up to 200 inches.

Experience the Jungle Safari

Another attraction of visiting Kerala is the beautiful rainforests with rich flora and fauna. Kerala has still preserved its natural beauty thus giving experience of both the natural parks and reservoirs and wildlife sanctuaries. Among the famous are the Periyar Tiger reserves and the Silent Valley Rainforest where one gets the opportunity to see all kinds of wild animals and the tigers from southern India. The jungle safari tours are organized and the most popular among them are the Malayatoor forest and the Nilambur Teak forest. The people who love to adventure enjoy these safari a lot.

The Unique Experience of Bullock Cart Safari

The experience of traditional village life is one of the other major attractions in Kerala. The ride on bullock cart all over the village is totally thrilling experience. The person visiting Kerala should never miss this opportunity and the villages like Palakkad and Villages in Malabar are famous for their bullock rides.

Have a Nice Time with Elephant Safari

Thenmala Ecotourism village is one of the India’s first ecotourism villages where tourists enjoy the most fames “Elephant Safari”. Other that wildlife safari, elephant safari is most famous among the visitors of Kerala. Taking a ride on elephants back is a thrilling experience. The other places in Kerala where one can enjoy the Elephant safari are the Kodanadu Elephant training center that is very close to Kochi and the Periyar Tiger reserve.

The Famous Nilgiri Safari

Another famous safari tour organized is at the foot of Nilgiri Mountains and is called “Nilgiri Safari”. While moving along the Nilgiri mountains one gets to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Nilgiri and enjoy the natural beauty of this place.


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