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The Pune Festival

Pune festival is celebrated by the people in Pune during Ganesh Mahotsav. It is one of the biggest celebrated festivals of Pune which goes on with full passion for ten days. It starts with the installation of Lord Ganesha's idol on the first day of Ganesh Mahotsav till the immersion of the idol on the tenth and final day of the Utsav. Pune festival initiated as a local event emphasizing on the celebration of customs, traditions, art and culture accompanied by songs and dances. But with the passage of time and its increasing grandeur, it succeeded in attracting visitors from all across India.

Now, the Tourism development Corporation of Maharashtra has joined hands with union government to actively promote the festival even outside India as one of the major tourist attractions.

Significance of Pune Festival

Pune festival, which has become a pinnacle of cultural pride representation in the state and a cultural landmark in the Maharashtra's history, encapsulates several cultural vignettes.

Pune festival has become the cultural identity of the city of Pune which is known as "Oxford of the East". It has also become an active medium facilitating the understanding of cultural and social set-up of Pune. Many consider it as a rich learning experience. By giving a new meaning to the cultural fabric and by blossoming a new aspect of cultural diversity, year after year, Pune festival has incredibly shaped Pune as the socio-cultural leader in the country.

Reason of Celebrating Pune Festival

In 1892, Lokmanya Tilak witnessed the grand scale celebrations of Ganesh Festival in Gwalior and the fervent participation of the people therein. This greatly inspired him to make Ganesh Mahotsav a public event in the state of Maharashtra. That time, he saw an urgent requisite of reshaping the Indian society on the basis of our own philosophy and tradition. He was against the blind imitation of western traditions and he wanted to bring a social change in India for political reasons too, as India was being ruled by Britishers at that time.

It was important to mobilize the public opinion and stir the masses for national ends. He wanted to arouse the masses and though what can be better to unity and for awakening of the masses than the already popular Ganesh Festival. This is how Ganesh festival began in Pune and today, it has taken the shape of grand Pune Festival. Ganesh Utsav till today remains a cultural gift to Pune by Lokmanya Tilak.

Tradition on Pune Festival

Pune festival starts with the installation of the idol of Ganpati, also known as ‘Ganesh Pratisthapan’ on the first day of Ganeshotsava. Eminent local artists along with a long list of journalists and other cultural symbols mark the beginning of the Pune Festival which lasts for two weeks.

The itinerary of this festival is mind boggling as national and international artists showcase their talent in the form of various cultural programmes and numerous competitions. All the participations and programmes featuring in the festival are completely free of any charge. The main attraction of this festival is "Shobha Yatra". Pune Festival represents the instantly recognizable secular structure of India in the most incredible manner.  

Information Essential for Tourist

Pune festival is accompanied by drama festivals, small films, music recitals and classical dances. Stalwarts and Maestros from all over the country are invited to perform in the Pune festival. It is the perfect time to visit Pune, as the weather is awesome and you can witness the art and culture of Maharashtra in a splendid manner.

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