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The Kalidas Festival

Kalidasa festival, which is celebrated in the honor of world-class poet Kalidasa, is held in Nagpur, Maharashtra every year for two days. This festival features some of the well known and greatest exponents of dance, drama and music from all over the country. This festival is held precisely at Ramtek, which is near Nagpur. It is believed that, this is the place which inspired the great poet Kalidasa to pen some of his works and one can find a predominant mention of the astounding beauty of this place in his literary works.

The Kalidasa festival is organized by MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) in association with the Nagpur's district Collectorate Office.

Significance of Kalidasa Festival

The Kalidasa festival is a tribute to one of the Kalidasa and his great contribution towards the field of Indian literature. This festival aims at commemorating one of the greatest and world-renowned poets of all times - Kalidasa, who lived in 4th century AD. This festival endeavors to bring back the moments and memories of the golden period of Vidharbha region. This festival is organized with the emphasis on eliciting local participation and promoting eco-tourism in the city.

Ramtek, Nagpur, where Kalidasa spent some of his life time, due to which this festival is celebrated here, has a religious significance as well. This place happens to have a deep connection with Lord Rama also.

Reason of Celebrating Kalidasa Festival

Kalidasa Festival is celebrated in Nagpur because in this place, Mahakavi Kalidasa penned few of his greatest literature works subsuming Ritusamhaara, Meghaduuta and Kumarasambhava etc.

Another reason for celebrating Kalidasa festival in Nagpur is to popularize the city and the entire Vidharbha region which is the second capital of Maharashtra.

Tradition on Kalidasa Festival

The celebrations in the Kalidasa festival are categorized by the performances of some of the greatest dance, drama and music performers, who showcase their talent in the pictorial and quaint setting of Ramtek town near Nagpur.

Information Essential for Tourist

During Kalidasa festival, a number of dramatists, classical musicians, instrumentalists, dancers and singers visit the state. This festival upholds the rich and historic culture of Nagpur, the orange city.

Visitors coming here during the festival will not only get to know about cultural heritage of India but they can explore this region which possesses a varied wildlife and several places of interests.

About Kalidasa

Kalidasa was a great dramatist and Sanskrit poet. Some of his drama and poetic works will always remain the finest masterpieces of Indian literature.

Kalidasa was a brilliantly good poet who enriched the Indian literature greatly with some of his most popular works like "Kumarasambhavam", "Raghuvamsam", "Meghadootam", "Abhijanasakuntalam" etc. The Kalidasa festival in every sense is dedicated to this great poet and dramatist.

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