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The Ellora Festival

The Ellora festival is held in the magnificent surroundings of the world renowned Ellora caves situated at a distance of 30 Km from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. This Ellora festival, also known as Ellora Ajanta festival, is organized by AFC (Aurangabad Festival Committee) under the leadership of Divisional Commissioner of Aurangabad in association with MTDC.

This is a festival organized at a splendid level and enthralls its visitors by its amazing rhythmic harmony. It witnesses some of the greatest cultural performances from few of the best-known exponents of traditional Indian dance and music. Earlier this festival was organized in enchanting Ellora caves but now the venue has been changed to Soneri Mahal. In 17th century, this incredibly beautiful Mahal was built by Pahadsing, Orchha chieftains. Today, this Mahal is regarded as an architectural marvel of Aurangabad.
The impressive backdrop of the historic caves and temples make the experience of attending the festival more alluring.

Significance of Ellora Festival

What can be more wonderful than attending a culturally rich music and dance festival while exploring a world heritage site in one visit.

The Ellora festival emphasizes on putting the pictorial and historical sites in and around the Maharashtra's city Aurangabad in the spotlight while celebrating the grandeur of Indian classical art forms.

Reason of Celebrating Ellora Festival

The Ellora festival is an enlightening potpourri of the unsurpassed classical and folds dances and music of India. This festival is organized with the sole reason of promoting virtuoso classical Indian dancers and musicians and the Indian age old culture along with the outstanding environs of the Ellora caves and the world heritage listed cave temples.

Tradition on Ellora Festival

The Ellora festival is regarded as one of the biggest cultural burlesque showcasing some of the finest talents in dance and music from the country. The festival is not only a place for enjoying classical art forms of India but the craft haat of Aurangabad is a vital part of this festival. Many local artists and craftsmen come to this festival to promote their crafted goods.

Information Essential for Tourist

Visitors coming to attend this festival can enjoy a wide array of stalls that display which display the art and draft of the Indian artisans and craftsmen hailing from Maharashtra.  Some of the other attractions of this festival encompass various competitive events like cookery, mehendi, painting and rangoli which contribute in exploring the unseen talent of India.

Visitors can also enjoy the regional art works like Paperwork, Bidri and Paithani Himroo which add to the ultimate mirth and fun observed in the whole ambience during this festival. If you are artistically inclined and have an affinity for Indian traditional art forms, then you must visit Aurangabad during this four day long festival which is held in November every year.

About Ellora Caves

It is believed that there was a time when God felt bored in their heavenly celestial abode. They asked for their Lord's permission if they can visit the earth. They were granted the permission by their Lord but only on one condition that if they can return before the sunset. The Gods, who came to earth, set up a beautiful city at a place which they admired the most for its natural beauty and got lost in their pleasures. Consequently, they could not return back on time and since they failed to satisfy the condition, they were turned to stones. This magnificent place where they were turned to stones, today is known as Ellora caves. The name refers to the heavenly dwelling of Gods on earth.

The best part about Ellora caves is that these are exceedingly beautiful but were carved manually only with the help of hammer and chisel. Ellora caves are a series of 34 magnificently amazing rock cut temples, possessing elaborate interior walls and facades. These 34 caves are segregated into Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples. The most remarkable of these 34 caves is the Kailasa temple. Unlike other temples that were delved horizontally in to the rock, this temple was excavated in the downward direction from a basaltic slope.

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