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The Banganga Festival

Banganga Festival is a festival celebrated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is basically a 2 day festival which is celebrated every year and is held in the month of January. This festival is organized by MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) at the historic Banganga Tank of Maharashtra near Malabar Hills in South Mumbai. This festival was held for the first time in 1992 under the supervision of Maharashtra government. During the festival pinnacle, world renowned artistes and musicians from all over India perform live classical music concerts. Cultural aficionados attend Banganga festival in order to provide a feast to their souls and minds.

Banganga Festival owes the name to the consecrated and blessed tank which is termed as Banganga Tank. It is present in the premises of infamous Walkeshwar Temple in Maharashtra. The chief attraction of Banganga Festival is the well-known ringing bells of the temple together with singing praising cultural songs for God. This whole affair, all together, gives nostalgia and great reminiscence. These songs which have been composed by unheard poets, across the ages, have naively become an undistinguishable part of local Maharashtran culture. Moreover, these have also become an integral part of rituals that are performed in temple on daily basis. 

Lovers of art, music and culture are most likely of all to be spellbound and bewitched during Banganga Festival.

Significance of Banganga Festival

Banganga Festival is a great tribute to the rich artistic and musical heritage of India. This festival is also an attempt to save and protect the rich ancient Indian musical and cultural heritage while providing an inspiration and encouragement to young generation to understand the richness of Indian culture and to take it as a career more oftenly. The major significance of Banganga Festival is to foster the message of saving and preserving the Indian music culture, as much as possible, to populace.

A mark of respect to rich heritage through music and rhythm, Banganga Festival is an exceptional festival that promotes Maharashtran landmark sites, incorporating several temples, some of them dating back to era of 6th century BC.

Reason of Celebrating Banganga Festival

The festival of Banganga is celebrated as per an historic legend. According to the legend, gorge identified as Banganga is supposed by the devotees and believers to have come into sight when Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama shot an arrow at the spot for fulfilling the thirst of Lord Rama when they all were coming back from Lanka after defeating the Ravana. This event created a stream to the Ganga River that was almost 1,000 miles away. It is said that Banganga Tank, was then built by the kings of Silhara Dynasty in between the 9-13th century. To celebrate the cheerfulness of the event along with promoting tourism in Maharashtra, Banganga Festival has been celebrated every year for two days in the month of January since 1992.

Traditions of Banganga Festival

All through Banganga Festival, entire Malabar Hills is marvelously decorated with flowers and lights. The chief attraction of Banganga festival is the concerts of Indian classical music. Well-known eminent singers as well as musicians from around the India perform live while brightening the entire atmosphere with stunning positive musical vibrations. People from diverse cultures and casts visit the temples during this festival. During these two days of festival, entire city is decorated and festooned with cheering and heartwarming chants and music, which is unquestionably the chief attraction of Banganga festival.

Information Essential for Tourist

Banganga Festival is a must watch if you are a fan of art and music, especially classical music. This festival is witnessed by some of the leading and prominent singers as well as artists of India. These all together make the entire atmosphere magical and mesmerizing. Along with classical music concert, some other attractions during this festival time in Maharashtra are the Hanging Gardens, the Jain temple, Kamala Nehru Park along with Priyadarshini Park.

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