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Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum Kaneri Math

Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum at Kaneri village is a remarkable museum made up of wax. It is the only kind of museum in India. The name of this museum is based on the name of Siddhagiri math. The meaning of Gramjivan is village life because the museum showcases rural India by means of interesting objects and artifacts.

Kaneri math is a very well recognized place, however, this museum has not gained much recognition. The first segment of this museum is spread over 7 acres of land. It has more than 80 sights and more than 300 statues. These sights and statues give one insightful information about life as it was in the villages.


This museum is a part of Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math which is in Kaneri, Tal Karveer in Kolhapur. This Math is a holy place where Lord Mahadeva is worshiped over many years. This math has a history of more than 1000 years. The museum is in a calm, quiet and peaceful area. It is surrounded by green hills which have a very good collection of vegetation and fauna. This museum is based on the dream of Mahatma Gandhi as he wanted to make a village of same style. This museum is the symbol of dream and efforts of 27th Mathadhipati i.e. H.H. Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swami Ji.

The major objective of this unique museum is to bring alive the history of self sustained villagers. At that time, there were 18 Alutedars and 12 Balutedars. These castes were based on the profession of earlier generations. Goods and services were mostly traded at that time. People provided facilities to those who could give them something in return. They provided equipment for agriculture purposes so that villagers could feed them and their families. In the museum the description of Alutedars, Balutedars and other important characters of that time are represented with the description of their deeds.

Kaneri Math

Kaneri Math is a sacred place where Lord Shiva is worshiped. It has a big temple of Lord Shiva and it’s believed that in 14th century a Lingayat Priest established a Shivling on a beautiful hill and that become Kaneri math with passage of time. The temple in this premise is peaceful and attractive. There is a huge Nandi at the entrance of temple. In its premises is a deep well of 125 feet and a 42 feet huge Shiva idol, which is the highlight of this math.

Theme of Museum

The museum is a platform of village life of India. The theme on which this whole museum is established is of Swayampurna Gram Jivan, which means a village whose people are self sufficient. The village in which each and every need of villagers was gets fulfilled within the village. They were self dependent and don’t want to take any help from the external world. The sights and statutes shows that every need from food to clothes even from footwear to accessories, maintenance, and education even construction like needs were gets fulfilled within the village.

Such a village was dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi to avoid urbanization and his dream was fulfilled in the form of a museum by the efforts of Siddheshwar Trust. Within the premises of this museum there are sculptures of villagers doing their daily activities like farmers in fields, weddings, women fetching water from well, children playing or either studying in school. There are scenes of houses and different kinds of temples. These sculptures are made up of cement and seem alive.

Few Scenes in Museum

  • A house of village priest who is highly educated in the village. Inside his house scenes in which he is performing his duties, organizing weddings, house building, digging wells sowing seeds, teaching etc.
  • Goldsmith at work.
  • Scenes like farmer nailing his bullocks with shoes made up of iron.
  • Farmers ploughing a farm with bullocks.
  • Shepherd boy with sheep.
  • House of farmers
  • Villagers performing dance on devotional songs
  • Village well
  • Women cooking food for family
  • Children studying in their school and many more attractions.

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