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Raman Science Centre

Located in Nagpur, Raman Science Centre is an interactive and well-equipped science centre that is affiliated with the Nehru Science Centre based on Mumbai. Raman Science Centre was established with the aim of promoting a scientific culture and attitude and also to exhibit the various developments achieved by science and technology and its applications in human welfare, industries and several other fields. The Raman Science Centre also provides a platform for several science exhibits. The centre was christened after the acclaimed Indian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Chandrasekhra Venkata Raman.


Raman Science Centre was unveiled on 7th March 1992 while the planetarium was inaugurated on 5th January 1997. The Raman Science Centre is located right opposite the beautiful Gandhi Sagar Lake in the vibrant city of Nagpur in Maharashtra.


  • The Raman Science Centre organizes several programs and exhibits for imparting knowledge related to science and technology to the travelers and tourists visiting the centre.
  • The centre has also tied up NGO Hirwai and awards the Green Finger Award for spreading environment –awareness among school-going children.
  • In the year 2007, the information and communication technology gallery was started at the centre.
  • At the inaugural function of the gallery, ISRO Chairman G. Madhavan Nair stated that India will be sending astronauts into space by 2015.
  • Presently, this centre has around 45 various interactive and well-equipped galleries which include a fun science gallery, 133-seater planetarium, pre-historic Animal Park and a lot more.
  • The Raman Science Centre also organizes science film shows, science lectures as well as 3-dimensional science shows.
  • The centre also undertakes several activities like planet observation as well as making arrangements for the general public to watch various celestial phenomena.

On Exhibit

Raman Science Centre is one of the premier institutes in Maharashtra. The centre honors the Nobel laureate and Indian scientist Dr. CV Raman. This science centre exhibits a varied collection of various science and technology-related items that highlight myriad aspects and elements of the advancing science and technology.
There is also a planetarium where astronomy is the key areas to be focused on with a lot of dynamism and vigor.

Other Recreations

Raman Science Centre holds several exhibitions. One such was the Raman Science Centre Expo which was held recently. This expo was organized for depicting the various wonders in the field of chemistry. The exhibition was organized by the National Council for Science Museums in the previous year, which was also the international year of chemistry and is honors Marie Curie.

The expo exhibited several benchmarks in the field of chemistry right from the start of the 4th century and showcases several glimpses right up to the modern day. The expo features some advanced materials like the wonder glass which is presently used in the centre in the living hall to create a partition. The expo also used panels to depict the future course of chemistry as well as green chemistry.

Director at Raman Science Centre, Shrikant Pathak observed during the expo that the mother of all sciences is chemistry. Matter is made of chemical compounds or elements. The very human knowledge of the materialistic nature of the entire world is based in the field of chemistry. It is a fact that all the living processes like dreaming, thinking, reflex actions, feelings, aging and displaying various expressions like anger, hate and love are governed by chemical reactions.


  • From November to February: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • From March to October: 11:30 am to 7:00 pm

Contact Details

Raman Science Centre and Planetarium
Opp - Gandhisagar, Nagpur- 440018
Maharashtra, India
Phone- 0712- 2735800/2770187
Email- [email protected]

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