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Ins Vikrant Museum

Built for the Royal Navy in 1943, the INS Vikrant (earlier, HMS Hercules) is preserved in a museum in Colaba near South Mumbai. Known for its use during the Indo-Pak war of 1971, the INS Vikrant is the only World War II era aircraft carrier that has been preserved and as such is a tourist attraction for tourists all over the world.


The INS Vikrant is the oldest aircraft carrier in the world that has been preserved in a museum till date. HMS Hercules, as it was named when a part of the navy of the United Kingdom, INS Vikrant came into existence when the Indian Navy purchased it from United Kingdom in 1957. It took four complete years for them to add finishing touches as well as additions demanded by India. Formally, it was commissioned as the first aircraft carrier of India in 1961. Due to obsolescence, it was decommissioned in 1997 and has since been preserved n a museum in Cuffe Parade region of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions as the INS Vikrant is the only World War II era built aircraft carrier that has been preserved till date. INS Vikrant is often spoken of as one of India’s major weapons in the fierce Indo-Pak war of 1971 where naval conquests by the Pakistan navy were efficiently combated using the aircraft carrier.


  • A vivid description of the valiant conquests during the Indo-Pak War in 1971 can be seen in the carrier. Pictorial representation of the various combats gives a deep insight into the life and times during the fierce battle in 1971.
  • Movies and documentaries are organized on holidays and weekends wherein all navy related operations are shown. It is a great learning experience to be able to view those documentaries that speak volumes about the techniques of the Indian navy.
  • INS Vikrant contains monochromatic pictures of ancient times which describe the different instances of an Air Operation. These details are often treasured as they are not available elsewhere.
  • The Museum contains priceless articles in its possession. The old steam turbines can be seen nowhere else but in this Museum where they are preserved for tourists.
  • INS Vikrant had giant hangers that carried thousands of people whereas those gear arresting mechanical systems depict how advanced our navy was decades back.
  • The edge that had been added by United Kingdom on special Indian demands was the platform for aircrafts to land and take off.
  • Some helicopters have been preserved and it is intriguing and interesting to have a look at the equipments our very own navy used to protect us from external threats.
  • The Sea Hawks on INS Vikrant were formerly the best fighter jets available. The use of such high-end weapons gives a sense of pride to every common Indian who walks down the edge of INS Vikrant standing and gazing at his/her country’s tight protection measures.
  • The INS Vikrant has other naval equipments on show as well. It has missiles and bombs that were used during war operations. A replica of the Indian submarine is also showcased in the museum.


INS Vikrant is the fourth oldest aircraft carrier in the world and the oldest in terms of those that have been preserved till date. The various exhibits include a large deck wherein Seahawks and helicopters can be seen, those that were used during aerial conquests. The missiles and bombs are also on display in the Museum in Colaba, South Mumbai. The deep sea diving suits have also been preserved. Submarines and other naval equipments have been recreated in miniature form so as to give tourists a glimpse into naval operations. Pictures and videos are on displays that vividly describe Indian conquests in sea and the valuable contributions made by INS Vikrant.

Other Recreation

The Vikrant festival is a 9 day long festival that is organized by the Western naval Command and the Naval Dockyard of Mumbai. Also, known as the Vikrant Ship expo, this is an exhibition wherein exhibitors come from all parts of the globe. Thousands of visitors come here to witness this exhibition and it is one of the most celebrated events in this museum.

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