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Siar Baba Temple

The holy shrine of Siar Baba Temple is famous in Kashmir. It is found on the banks of Chenab River, which is around 6km from Reasi town that lies at an elevation of around 466 metres. Reasi is also a district in Jammu and Kashmir. It was earlier called Bhimgarh and was established by Bhim dev. Hindu population is a dominant community in the region. Therefore, thousands of followers have immense faith in the holy shrine of Siar Baba temple.

Most parts of this region have a Pahari culture, while some areas also follow Dogra culture. People in the region usually speak Dogra, which is a language with sweetness in its tone. Tourists coming to the region also love the climate and tone of people in and around the region. Gujjar community is also found here and they speak their own language. The region has spectacular landscape and lush natural beauty that also works well to attract tourists every year.

While this temple is a little difficult to get to, tourists looking for convenience can hire private taxis or helicopters to visit the holy shrine.

About Siar Baba Temple

This beautiful and majestic temple is located in Reasi district with natural water falling from the hills to display scenic beauty to tourists. It natural waterfall and beauty of the place attracts thousands of tourists each year. People love to frequent the place to get blessings of Siar Baba irrespective of the season. However, during summers they get to enjoy picturesque views as well.

History of Siar Baba Temple

Siar Baba Temple is a cave shrine and it is regarded holy by Hindus. It has religious significance for Hindus living around the region and also coming from different parts of the world. This beautiful temple is built architecturally on a small hillock. The cave has a wide entrance, which is appropriate to accommodate a large population of pilgrims who come to visit the temple. Pigeons, regarded as good omen, are found inside the temple. It is a belief of people here that crores of deities exist in Siar Baba Temple. Residents of the place also believe that many saints with divine powers meditate inside the cave for years to achieve spiritual realisation.

Getting There and Around

  • Road: Tourist usually prefer Udhampur Highway, which connects Srinagar to the rest of India. Bus services are also a popular mode of transport near Udhampur. Other kinds of transport like private vehicles are also preferred by most tourists.
  • Rail: Kashmir Railway Line connects Reasi town to the rest of India. One of the fastest trains connecting Delhi to this region is Uttar Sampark Kranti Express. Other popular trains that run till Udhampur for convenience of tourists are:
  • Indore-Udhampur Malwa Express
  • Ahmedabad-Udhampur Express
  • Delhi Rohilla-Udhampur Special Train

Annual Festivals

Nagot cultural festival of Reasi aims at reviving the rich cultural traditions of this region. Surrounding villages also participate in this festival, bringing over their traditional artists to perform. This festival tries to revive the tradition of “Melas” where thousands of people from different villages come to celebrate traditional forms of art for many nights.

The festival is also added attraction for tourists who visit Siar Baba Temple during this time. The second most attractive feature of this temple is that it is located in a place that will soon have the highest railway bridge. It is currently under construction. The tourist department here estimates that this region might cross the one crore mark in terms of tourist soon because of the pace at which cultural events are picking up at this temple.

Historic and cultural happenings here are supported by the government and also by AIR to promote tourism in the area. Extensive coverage is given by the media, which attracts pilgrims to the mesmerising beauty of this place. An interesting sports festival is also organised to add to the list of recreational activities for the young tourists visiting this region. Team games and individual sports are held at this time. You will also witness some popular Indian athletic games including kabaddi, volleyball and tug-of-war for the purpose of adventure and enjoyment of tourists.

Other popular festivals celebrated by the people of this region are Shivratri and Diwali. Competitions are organized for folk singers as the people of this region celebrate Shivratri festival with great pomp and show. Siar Baba Temple is beautifully decorated during this time and people from all walks of life come together to celebrate. Diwali and Lohri have special significance for Duggar community of the region.


The real shrine of Siar Baba Temple lies in Kashmir. Therefore, people staying on the other side of the border have constructed a replica of the shrine that they can worship. Devotees at Siar Baba Temple celebrate every festival with a lot of enthusiasm. Tourists come to visit the shrine regularly because of the miraculous effect of water and earth here. There have been instances where devotees have recovered from their diseases after visiting the temple in a fortnight. People from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Punjab come here to get rid of their skin diseases. It is difficult for a scientific mind to accept these kinds of statistical data but it is said to be a miraculous journey amongst the beautiful hills of Kashmir. Earth and water of this region is said to have medicinal value. The soothing balm of earth found around the temple cures different skin eruptions.

Best Time to Visit

This place has soothing climate that is appropriate for recuperation. This attracts devotees to Siar Baba Temple throughout the year. Many tourists come here to visit the temple with the belief that it will purify them off their sins and will infuse positivity in them. During the spring season, devotees come here in huge numbers to enjoy and soothing weather and for Baisakhi Festival. Even the mild summer of this region is inviting and sees a huge influx of tourists from different parts of India. Therefore, spring and summers are the best time for devotees to visit this holy shrine. Adventurous tourists love to experience chilly winters here and engage in winter sports. The region around Siar Baba Temple experiences a short summer season, small spring and long winters, which are typical of temperate climate.


Since large number of tourist visit the temple every year, many luxurious and economical hotels are found in the region. Tourists coming here find a break from oppressive heat and scorching sun in hilly regions. It is a beautiful destination, which offers natural beauty blended with picturesque views. In this part of Kashmir tourists get enticed by the beauty of Siar Baba Temple. The sublime beauty and cool climate attracts more and more devotees each year to this region. There are many good hotels here that serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.

  • Hotel Parveen- It is ideal for visitors looking for both comfort and style. The hotel has a convenient location in the main market close to court. It is an ideal place to seek refuge away from the hustle-bustle of city life. This hotel also offers additional facilities like Restaurant and Bar for suitability of guests.
  • Pine Villa Guest House: The guesthouse looks like a villa and is located close to a railway station for convenience of guests. The ambience of this hotel is ideal for nature lovers. It has huge rooms with additional facilities like an air-conditioner. The hotel serves a wide variety of tasty cuisines.

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