These houseboats stand as a proof to show that the state of Jammu and Kashmir has done their job outstandingly. This beautiful paradise on earth possesses some of the immaculate lakes in the world, and the presence of these houseboats in those pristine lakes look like decorating jewelry to the lake. The houseboats are the very old tradition of the state. During olden days, only fishermen used to live in these homes on water, but later on, gradually people realized the mesmerizing wonder of these manmade fantasies. Nowadays, people started living in these houseboats.

Majority of houseboats can be observed on the Nagin Lake, Dal Lake and Jhelum Lake. It is enough to stand near the shores of the Lake and enjoy the amazing beauty of the houseboats. Even if one had seen it earlier, it is worth watching the same houseboats during night time. The charmness prevailing in the lake under the star filled sky, with the lights on the boats getting completely lit up and its reflection on the cool lake waters is a magical beauty that one can hardly explain. This atmosphere makes even a normal man to be a great poet. At times, one can even watch the construction of a houseboat on the shores of the Lake. These houseboats are quiet similar to our home and one can see houseboats that are about 50 years old. Now, one can imagine the strength behind the wooden boat as these huge structures just keep on floating on water.

Thus, the amazing beauty has become one of the famous tourist destinations in Kashmir. The beauty of these houseboats together with the peaceful and quiet water under the houseboats is good enough to attract tourist to this hotspot. The sound arousing from the rippling water body along with the magnificent landscape displayed by the houseboats will definitely take a man to his inner peace. Shikaras of Kashmir region, India is the perfect holiday spot if one decides to take a break from a hectic, maddening and stressful life.
Together with the calmness and quietness these houseboats deliver almost all the luxurious amenities of a star hotel. One can witness huge collection of houseboats parked along the lakes of Nagin, Dal and Jhelum River. Being constructed from cedar wood, the houseboats possess a lounge, dining room, 3 or more bedrooms (provided with attached bathrooms) and also a balcony. The inner view of these houseboats is beautifully furnished with a carved furniture, luxurious Kashmiri fabrics and rugs. A once time stay in these houseboats will make any men to forget their pleasure in a five star hotel.

There are also categories in these houseboats depending on the degree of luxury available in each of them the Department of Tourism has graded them and categorized into deluxe, A-class, B-class, C-class and D-class. The deluxe houseboats are the high end in this category and deliver an unimaginable furnishing and high end facilities. Whereas the low end category, the D category delivers minimum basic amenities. There is individual houseboy for every houseboat, to carry out regular duty.

Houseboats Ride Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir is definitely one among the dream destinations for any person who likes to advent and experience the scenic beauty together with hospitality. The houseboat rides in Kashmir deliver a luxurious and relaxed experience to the tourists thereby erasing all their worries. The world popular New Alexandra Group of luxurious Houseboats situated on the tranquil Dal Lake is tailor made and delivered to tourists to have hands on experience on the most stylish and exaggerated tastes of a luxurious lifestyle. Being one of the luxury groups of these houseboats in the capital region, they offer a perfect combination of comfort and efficacy to their guest’s right from holiday travelers to business tourists. The houseboats deliver lavishly decorated suites with ultra-contemporary amenities like running cold and hot water, attached washrooms, central heating, cable TV and 24 hours nonstop room service.

These luxurious houseboats deliver their own ancient and traditional touch. They are situated on the calm banks of Dal Lake. Each and every houseboat is completely furnished and possesses an individual assistant boy. The houseboats are equipped in anoutstanding manner with engraved furniture and Kashmiri made carpets with their traditional effort on them. There are extremely roomy 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 bedroom boats, along with completely furnished washrooms, modern plumbing and electricity. The cedar insides are beautifully imprintedthatshow the wonderful artistic work of Kashmiri craftsmen. The decorative includes overstated native rugs and local objects d’art, fabrics, and also solidly comfortable Edwardian and Victorian furniture. These lavish houseboats also carry rooffloors from where one can enjoy the scenic beauty of Himalayas and refresh in the cool and fresh air.

Houseboats Facilities

Even a D-class houseboat is really good enough to offer a dream stay and now we can imagine the comfort in deluxe houseboats. These houseboats acts as a hub where one can come across all the beautiful and stunning handicrafts made by Kashmiri craftsmen including the scintillating handmade furniture and luxurious Kashmiri carpets. Most of these houseboats possess one or two bedrooms with an attached bathroom and a common dining place. The interiors of these houseboats are nowhere less than a five star hotel. The decorations depict a typical Kashmiri art with wide use of colors and art. These houseboats have a cook boat linked to it. The deluxe houseboats provide various cuisines like Continental, Chinese and also authentic Kashmiri dishes. Even the least grade houseboats carry a balcony where one can get pleasure from the refreshing cool breeze. The cost of booking the boat includes right from the food till a trip to the adjacent jetty.

In a rich country like India, one can observe even a rich nature in places like Jammu and Kashmir. These houseboats are the best choice for people who wish to touch the hands of beautiful nature. These boats offer five star grade facilities and also make people’s dream of life on water, a true experience.

Reputed Group of Houseboats of Kashmir

Zaffer Group of Houseboats

Zaffer Group of deluxe houseboats caters all the needs right from honeymoon trips to family reunions. Once into these boats there is something for everyone to meet the requirements of a newly married couple.

These boats deliver ample time for a newly wedded couple to share among themselves and start their own journey of life. These houseboats are lavishly decorated with handmade furniture’s and rich Kashmiri work carpets. A houseboat boy is ready for our service round the clock and food will be served thrice daily from a variety of menu from Kashmiri, western and Indian gastronomy.

Golden Lotus Group of Houseboats

The first thing that strikes any tourists while making their trip to Kashmir is to experience the houseboats available in this region. A day in a houseboat is similar to a day in paradise which one can never forget forever in their lifetime. Golden Lotus Group possesses lavish and rich houseboats which are wonderfully furnished with two or three bedrooms (attached washrooms with ultramodern facilities), a dining room, a sitting room, and also a front lake view loggia. These houseboats are anchored to the most delightful place on Nageen Lake.

Signet Group of Houseboats

Signet group of houseboats are luxury molded boats delivering a perfect home stay experience. These lavishly designed houseboats are ready to extend their hospitality to the tourist round the clock and round the year. These boats are richly decorated with well furnished rooms, lavish and placate sitting/drawing room, on call room service 24 hours and western or  Kashmiri meals thrice a day. This place is definitely a paradise on earth.

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