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Mangla Mata Temple

Four kilometres away from Jhangar Village lies Mangla Mata Temple on Nowshera-Jhangar Road of Rajouri District. This temple has an attractive location in a village called Bhawani because it is surrounded by forests. The temple is a major tourist attraction as people from all over the word come to pay homage to the Goddess here.

Vedas have talked about Sthan Guns located around the site of this temple. These structures have great significance in Hindu religion.


This Shrine of Mangla Mata was constructed in 1945. It is believed that Goddess Mangla appeared in the dreams of a few priests and directed them to shift the shrine to its current location.

Major Attraction

A Havan Kund and Ramayan Patha located in the temple attract tourists from all parts of the world. There is a cave near the temple that houses several pindies. These are heads that have naturally taken the form of Goddess Mangla as a rock.

Tuesdays are considered to an auspicious day for a visit to the temple. The Tuesday that falls close to full moon night has a great significance. It’s called Chandi Paksh Tuesday. On this day, the temple sees a number of devotees.

Tourists must make it a point to be part of celebrations of Navaratri Festival held here with a lot of glory and enthusiasm. Prosperity of Jammu & Kashmir tourism can be attributed to this much-awaited event of the year.

Places Nearby

Rajouri was turned into an independent district in 1968. From 1194 to 1846 AD Rajouri was ruled by Jaral Dynasty. Rulers had contributed to construction of a number of temples, forts and mosques here, that later on turned out to be major tourist destination.

Tourists can visit Panj Pir Shrine, which is believed to be a resting location of five saints and their sister. Pilgrims visit this site from all over the country. A spring lake named Lal Bauli deserves special mention too. You can see many varieties of fish here.

Rajouri district is well-known for other lakes such as Bhag Sar, Gum Sar, Akal Darshini, Samot Sar, Diya Sar, Katori Sar and Chamar Sar. Some other popular attractions of this area include Mangladevi Fort, Thannamandi Sarai, Muradpur Sarai and Mosque, Naogazi Ziarat and Nadpur Sarai. You can also visit Balidan Bhawan and Usman Memorial located nearby. They were established to pay a tribute to civilians who fought for protection of the region from Pakistani forces and lost their lives.

How to Reach

Tourists can reach this temple by air, road and rail. Jammu, as well as Srinagar (capital of Kashmir), is connected by road, rail and air with all major cities of India.

Best Time to Visit

Summer months in Jammu last from April to June. This is a great time for travellers to visit the temple and nearby places. Winters are mostly chilly but won’t cause you discomfort when you plan to do a little bit of sightseeing.


Himanshu Hotel in Rajauri is a good place to stay for pilgrims. It suits your budget and offers comfort.

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