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Jodia Di Mata Temple

  • Location

4 km from Banjal in Kathua district, Jammu and Kashmir, India

  • Built By

Local inhabitant of the state (unknown)

  • Built In

19th century

  • Dedicated to

Jodia Di Mata (a local Hindu deity)

Located at a peaceful and heavenly location in the abode great Himalayas, Jodia Di Mata Temple belongs to a Hindu goddess, who is also the local deity of the area--Jodia Mata. This holy shrine is around 4km from Bajnal in Kathua district, in the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The temple becomes a huge confluence of devotees thronging in from all over the country especially during Navratri festival. This shrine is located at an altitude of around 7000 feet above sea level. The temple has a very rich history and it is distinguished as it lies in the land of gods, Himalayas. This is a local shrine located in the Himalayas. It is a grand tribute to intensely beautiful nature surrounding it.

About the Temple

Jodia Di Mata Temple commands huge faith and trust of the local people. This place is iconic and beautiful, famous for its raw and ravishing beauty. Located at high altitudes of the Himalayan region, at a height of 7000ft above sea level, this temple is promoted by local Jammu and Kashmir travel and tourism. This temple is renowned for the faith and spirituality people bestow in their local deity. Devotees of Jodia Di Temple visit this temple shrine with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour throughout the year. People's faith in this deity is undying and has been only been enhanced since the construction of the Jodia Di temple in Kathua.

Nearby Localities

Airwan Temple is another famous place of reverence for devotees here. This temple has many legends associated with it. The most famous one being that this temple is considered sacred for mortal beings even after their deaths.

Some Other Temple in Vicinity Include

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  4. Sapt sarovar Mandir, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir; the temple derives its name from the seven sages, ‘saptarishi’ the Hindu mythology.

  5. Shiva temple, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir,

  6. Sukarala Mata Temple, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir,

  7. Chamunda Devi Temple, Basholi, Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir.

Amongst the 14 districts and paraganas of Jammu and Kashmir, Kathua district is associated with great faith and spirituality. Jodia Di Mata Temple in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and most visited shrines of this state. Navratri is considered the best time to visit this place, when devotees pour in to pay their respects to Jodia Di Mata.

Every temple in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir has got a legendary history that can be heard in the local tales of this area.

How to Reach Jodia Di Temple

Nearest Railway Station:Jammu and Pathankot are well connected to Kathua district, where the shrine of Jodia Di Mata is located.

Nearest bus station: One can get to this temple from Kathua and Banjal (Bani, District Kathua).  The features of the place allow for a comfortable bus journey. Jammu is well connected to major cities of India through National highway 1-A. A bus journey can be transacted from Kathua to Jammu in an approximate time frame of 30 mins. There are buses to Kathua from all parts of Jammu. The Jammu tourism department has organised a well managed system of Kathua Transport Union (KTU), identified by red colored rooftops.

Nearest airport: The nearest airport to this shrine is located at 8km form Jammu, the Jammu Satwati Airport.

Climatic Conditions

Jammu and Kashmir usually enjoys peaceful weather during summers. However, this valley sees heavy rainfall during winters. Climate in Kathua varies from sub-tropical to temperate area. This region is alpine in higher regions. During summers areas such as Bani and Lohai-Malhar are blocked.

One should think well before deciding the time of travel to travel the mountainous belts of Shivalik to make your pilgrimage to famous temples and shrines a safe and peaceful one.  Being a hilly state surrounded on all four areas with some of the world’s tallest snow covered peaks, winters here are freezing and bone piercing. Someone who doesn't belong to this place may find it difficult to survive winter temperatures here, which drop down to negative levels.

Best Time to Visit

April to June remains the best part of the year to visit the temples and shrines of Jammu and Kashmir. Jodia Di Mata Temple is also best visited during this time. Winters should be avoided due to severe low temperatures and monsoons due to fear of reoccurring landslides in the mountains.


The temple shrine board makes arrangement for stay of people. All necessary arrangements are looked over by this board. Besides, tourists seeking exclusive accommodation facilities can get a booking made in advance in the various hotels of Jammu that are located at reasonable distances from the temple shrine.

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