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Krimchi Temples

Jammu is home to an abundance of natural beauty that attracts throngs of visitors. Among them are many who come to seek spiritual solace in this land, which is known as city of temples. Jammu is dotted with a number of ancient temples and one among the many famous ones there is Krimchi Temple complex, site to Jammu’s three oldest temples.  The village of Krimchi is situated about 20 km away from the city of Jammu and 8-10 km north-west of Udhampur. To reach the temple site, a detour of around 20 km along a service road that branches off from the National Highway 1-A needs to be taken.

Krimchi group of temples is also referred to as Pandava temples by the locals. These temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Ganesha, Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The architecture of this temple speaks of a strong influence from Greek (Hellenic) style filled as it is with remnants dating back to unique historical traditions and culture of the region.  The main temple’s height is around 50 feet and is decorated with designs of an abstract kind. Idols of the Gods and Goddess to whom these temples are dedicated are located inside this main temple.

History of Krimchi Temples

These ancient temples of Krimchi are believed to have been built way back in 11th or 12th century AD. A few historians are of the belief that they were built by kings of Kushan dynasty in 9th century. As per local folklore, these temples were built by Pandavas during the time of their exile.

Getting There and Around

By Air

The closest airport to Krimchi Temples is Jammu airport. Almost all airlines operate regular flights to Jammu from major cities like Delhi, Srinagar and Leh.

By Rail

Jammu Tawi is the major railway station in Jammu and closest to the temple. There are regular train services from metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. There are trains farther away from Trivandrum too.

By Road

Jammu is well connected with an extensive bus and taxi network. Private and state tourist buses ply to and fro between Jammu and the major Indian cities like Delhi, Manali, Amritsar, Shimla and Ludhiana. Taxis can be hired from Jammu to reach Krimchi Temple.


There are many places of accommodation in Jammu, where one can stay to get to Krimchi Temples. you will be able to find star, luxury and budget hotels depending on your requirement.

Best Time to Visit

Jammu sees cool climate for most parts of the year. It does get hot during the summer months and extremely cold during winters. Winter months are accompanied by snowfall and this is an ideal time to visit and bask in the city’s scenic beauty.  The best time to visit Jammu is between September and April. To experience the festive mood of the place, it can be visited in the months of January (Lohri or Makara Sankranti), March (Ram Navami) and October (Deepavali) when the city’s people regale themselves in the celebratory air.

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