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Baba Dhansar

Located at a distance of 17 km from Reasi district of Jammu & Kashmir is a small village named Karua. The holy shrine of Baba Dhansar is situated here and can be reached after a walk of 200 m from the main road. The holy place is a scenic treat to the eyes. It's a delight for tourists visiting this place to see a number of waterfalls here, which flow in full streams to eventually join Banganga River, which is the starting point for a yantra from Katra to Bhawan. Baba Dhansar, according to Hindu mythology, is a re incarnation of Lord Shiva’s serpent sheshnag which he left at Anantnag while visiting Amarnath Cave to narrate the story of immortality to Parvati. Later, sheshnag turned into a human as Vasudev and Dhansar took birth as one of the son of his sons.


Baba Dhansar temple is linked to many ancient beliefs. This temple lies close to a pious lake, which is known to fulfil one's wishes. Another popular belief regarding this temple is that there was wild demon that troubled the residents of this small village karua located near the lake by the lake. The demon was an indefatigable terror who created destruction all over the place. The villagers went to seek help from baba Dhansar who prayed to Lord Shiva for his help. Lord Shiva came to the rescue of villagers and killed the demon. Thereafter a temple of Lord Shiva also came into existence near the karua jheel which has gained a lot of importance. Droplets of water wet the forehead of the shivalinga all through the year. This shrine and temple are visited together because of religious beliefs of the local people.

The karua jheel or lake is considered of prime importance and it is a sacred water body. People are not allowed to take bath in this lake but devotees can take a dip in holy waters of the stream that runs down the main lake. It is believed that all your wishes will come true if you take a dip with a pure heart and mind.


A Large number of people visit the shrine and Lord Shiva temple on the day of Mahashivratri and devotees offer donations. There is a small fete (mela) organised in the premises as well.

An annual wrestling tournament is also added attraction organized near Karua jheel.

Getting Around There

The nearest airport and railway station to Reasi district is at Jammu (65 km). One can easily find a cab or taxi to hire from Katra. The distances from various cities are:

Katra to Raesi : 15 km

Reasi to karua : 17 km

Jammu to Raesi : 65 km


Being a popular destination for devotees there are a number of luxury and budget hotels here. Maximum hotels can be found near and around Katra which is at distance of 17 km from Reasi.

KC Residency

Overlooking grand views of Trikuta Mountains, this hotel offers a comfortable and luxurious stay. It is 6 km from the temple. The staff here ensures that you have a comfortable stay.

Hotel Bali Palace

This hotel lies bang in the centre of Jammu-Katra highway. It is a comfortable and convenient place to stay. They offer rooms with double beds, three beds and also options of a family room. This works in favour of pilgrim tourists, who travel as a group.

Hotel Van Durga Villas and Suites

This hotel is located in Devi Ma Chowk. It is a comfortable place to stay and they have 14 air-conditioned suites. This hotel has some great views and works as a great place to stay on a religious trip.

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