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Maharani Temple

In the pictorial location of Gulmarg of Jammu & Kashmir is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Idols of both gods have been preserved here. This temple attracts a lot of visitors to its tranquil location despite being in the middle of the city. This temple is situated on a slight hill top with greenery sliding down from all four sides of its steep slopes. The temple construction is a shikharor peak style with a pointed end at the top, which shows that even then, Jammu’s architecture had a south Indian influence.

This temple adjoins a long path that has been constructed using beams to allow devotees to walk on it. While standing at the gates of this temple you can see hill peaks, snow clad mountains and untouched clean environment of Gulmarg. This temple is situated at an amazing location and has been designed in a manner that it is visible from all corners of Gulmarg. The shrine can be accessed by taking a small trek up.

Gulmarg is settled in the scenic locations of snow clad mountains and tall pine trees. This temple is an extravagant experience in this attractive location where thousands of devotees come, some out of curiosity and some with religious beliefs.


Maharani Temple was built by a Hindu ruler Maharaja Hari Sisodia for his wife Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia who ruled till 1915. Interestingly, in this temple was considered as the stately possession of Dogra Kings.

How to Reach Gulmarg

By Road

Gulmarg can be accessed easily by road. You can travel by your private vehicle or you can hire a taxi at fixed rates from these major cities. Distances from some of the important destinations are:

Delhi to Gulmarg  901 km 
Ahmedabad to Gulmarg  1709 km 
Nagpur to Gulmarg  1978 km 
Kolkata to Gulmarg  2369 km 
Bangalore to Gulmarg  3041 km

By Rail

The closest railway head to Gulmarg is Jammu. It is well connected by all major metro cities and most of the trains from here also cross smaller stations. This makes Jammu a well-connection railway station.

By Air

The airport closest to Gulmarg is at Srinagar. It lies 56 km away from Maharani Temple. There are a number of private and government taxis as well as jeeps available to cover up the remaining distance. Srinagar is a busy domestic airport with flights connected to all over India or hopping flights available via Delhi.

Best Time to Visit

Gulmarg is a sought after hill station during summers due to its amazing locations and captivating beauty. Tourists from all over the country and world come here and it is also considered a honeymooners paradise.

This beautiful hill town is buzzing with activity all round the year despite the extremely cold winters seen here. Summer months are absolutely pleasant and encourage a lot of sightseeing and adventure sports like trekking and hiking. Temperature during day time can vary between 20- 30oC and falls by evening. During winters, after the first snowfall it attracts tourists for snow skiing and snowboarding. Temperatures are cold but sports activities lure tourists to this place all year round.


Gulmarg has a lot of moderate to high budget hotels. All of them provide scenic views from most of their rooms and are situated in close proximity of the city.

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