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Peer Badesar Temple

Peer Badesar Temple at Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir is unique in the sense that it offers panoramic views of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Its location makes it imperative to seek permission from the District Magistrate to visit this temple. However, this does not act as a deterrent for devotees who flock from far and wide to Peer Badesar Temple.

Bells line all four corners of the temple and on any given day religious chants can be heard from a distance. The temple is located in Veer Vadweshavar village, which is at a distance of about 60 km from Rajouri.


This temple is historic given the fact that it was built in 142 AD. This temple has been constructed in memory of Veer Vadweshavar, who was the Son of Shiva. History has it that after defeating King Dakasha, Veer Vadweshavar stayed at Veer Vadweshavar village. The ruler of this region Kanishka built a temple as a mark of gratitude to Veer Vadweshavar.

Getting There and Around

By Air

Jammu Airport, also known by the name Satwari Airport, is closest to Rajouri. Rajouri is located at a distance of 146 km from Jammu and taxis can be hired from the airport to Peer Badesar Temple that lies 60 km from town.

Jammu Airport is well served by Air India, Air Mantra, GoAir, IndiGo, JetLite and SpiceJet which operate a number of flights to various cities all over the country.

By Rail

Jammu Tawi Railway Station is the main railway junction in Jammu city which is well connected to various cities in India. All major trains including Himsagar Express that operates till Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu start and end their journey at Jammu.

Jammu is a major railhead in North India and devotees planning to visit Peer Badesar Temple can have a comfortable journey via rail route.

By Road

State transport buses operate throughout Jammu and Kashmir. Pilgrims heading towards Peer Badesar Temple from Chandigarh and Delhi region can end their journey at Jammu. From here one can take Jammu and Kashmir State Transport buses.

Private taxis can be hired at Rajouri till Peer Badesar Temple, which is at a distance of 60 km from Rajouri town. Alternatively, taxis can be hired at Jammu Bus Terminal for a comfortable ride to the temple complex.

Best Time to Visit

Peer Badesar Temple lies at an altitude of 1534 mts above mean sea level. This makes it possible to visit the temple at any time of the year. Winters can however be a bit tough in the mountains and Veer Vadweshavar village is no exception to this. However, the place experiences a regular inflow or devotes who visit the place throughout the year.


Himanshu Hotel, Rajouri

Himanshu Hotel is located in Rajouri town and offers a comfortable stay for those on a religious sojourn to Peer Badesar temple. Expect Indian, Continental and local cuisine at Himanshu hotel. The hotel can also arrange for a guide and a dedicated taxi service to explore the surroundings including the Peer Badesar temple.

Rajouri town also has numerous other options for a comfortable stay including a range of guest houses for those on a budget travel. Have your pick and explore the mystique of Jammu and Kashmir.

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