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Raghunath Temple

This captivating temple complex is among the largest temples of northern India. It has unique features like having a Shikhara on each of the seven shrines of the temple. The mesmerising beauty of this temple of Jammu and Kashmir is famous all over India. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims each year because of the great significance it beholds. The most important deity is Rama and an Avatar of Vishnu. Tourists come here to enjoy beautiful picturesque landscapes and to pray in the beautiful temple of Raghunath. Hindus come here to perform puja in the temple complex to acquire blessings of Lord Rama and Vishnu.

About Raghunath Temple

This temple is conveniently located in the heart of Jammu. Tourists coming here are able to offer prayers at Raghunath Temple as well as at surrounding temples. The wall of this temple is covered with gold sheets on three sides of its inner partitions. This adds to the beauty and elegance of Raghunath Temple. There are lakhs of “Saligrams” in the innumerable galleries here. The beauty of this temple and the architectural intelligence of its builders stun pilgrims who come here to offer puja. Devoted to many gods and goddesses of Ramayan, you will find many things to relate the temple to this epic.

The beauty of arches, floors and niches here depict the influence of Mughals in construction of the temple. A centre of Shakti worship is created with the help of a stone lingam, which is found in all the shrines of the temple. At the entrance of the temple is a beautiful and extravagant sculpture of Hanuman. Other shrines within Raghunath temple are also popular. Pilgrims also find images of various other incarnations like Surya and Shiva in the temple.

History of Raghunath Temple

There are many temples and shrines in Jammu. Jammu is interestingly known as “City of Temples” owing to the existence of large number of shrines and temples. Among several temples found in the region, this one is dedicated to Lord Rama. It was Maharaja Gulab Singh who laid the foundation of this temple in 1835 A.D. He also founded the huge kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir. It was only in 1860 A.D. when Maharaja Ranbir Singh, son of late Maharaja completed construction of the temple with great pomp and show. Therefore, a portrait of Ranbir Singh is kept at the entrance of this temple to pay respect to patron of the temple.

The elegance and beauty of this temple adds pride to the atmosphere of this place. Interiors are rich with gold plated walls and beautifully carved shrines. The eight incarnations of Vishnu, Lord Rama and also the Dogra Patron deity are worshipped in this temple. Since Raghunath Temple is composed of a group of temples therefore it became the biggest in northern India.

This temple has a huge library, which contains rare and valuable manuscripts and ancient texts. Tourists coming here find great treasures of knowledge and beauty. Raghunath temple is a religious and historical place.

Getting There and Around

Travelling to Raghunath Temple is convenient because it is located in the heart of Jammu cloaked in gold sheets.

By Air

Pilgrims can reach Kashmir via airports at Srinagar, Ladakh and Jammu. From there, one can take hired vehicles to the temple.

By Road

Pilgrims also travel by road to the temple. However, the best thing is to first reach Tawi Railway Station. The distance between the temple and station is about 53 km. There are food joints at various stop points for the convenience of the pilgrims to get refreshments. It is usually a one-hour distance from the railway station but it might vary due to traffic conditions. Luxury buses are also available for convenience of tourists to travel around in Jammu.

By Rail

There is an extensive railway network connecting Jammu to the rest of India via Tawi Railway Station. There are many popular fast trains running through the region connecting important towns and cities:

    • Jammu Rajdhani Express to New Delhi
    • Shalimar Express to Delhi Sarai
    • Vivek Express to Mumbai
    • Shalimar Express to Delhi.

The extensive network of roads and railways has made Jammu one of the hot spots for both pilgrimage and vacation.

Annual Festivals

Jammu is culturally very rich. It has an amalgamation of communities staying here. Tourists from different parts of India come to Raghunath Temple, specially on Dussehra. All temples of this complex are beautifully decorated and the entire city drools in festive mood. God Raghunath is regarded as the ruling deity of the region and therefore Dussehra is celebrated with lot of extravagance. It is celebrated in October and gathers a large number of pilgrims who visit this place to offer prayers.

Vijay Dashi (tenth day of the rising moon) is celebrated for seven days with a lot of splendour and grandeur. Raghunath Temple became renowned for this seven-day festival. The entire atmosphere of the region is filled with festivity and joy. Tourists from different parts of India come here to enjoy Dussehra.


It is not known how old Raghunath Temple is. However, this holy shrine is estimated to be hundreds of years old. It was only in Puranic period that Shakti started to be worshipped. Therefore “lingam” and “Saligrams” is placed in the temple to symbolise Shakti to worshippers. Raghunath idol here is believed to be the same as it existed at the time of Lord Rama during the Yagya of Aswamedha.

This idol of Lord Raghunath was brought from Ayodhya to Himachal. This led to the prominence of this region. There are many such myths and legends associated with the temple. Pilgrims come to visit Raghunath Temple to get blessings from Lord Rama and other incarnations of Vishnu. Sanskrit literature found about this temple also reveals various other legends hidden within the precincts of this temple.

Best Time to Visit

Raghunath Temple is a perfect destination for pilgrims looking for soothing climate and attractive surroundings combined with secluded atmosphere. Pilgrims who visit this temple love the beauty of Himalayan ranges. This land of temples is adorned with gardens, lakes and hillocks making it a must see for tourists all over India.

The climate of Kashmir is soothing and pleasant. Summers and spring are the two most important seasons that see huge influx of tourists. However, tourists who enjoy winter sports frequent the place during winter. Tourists love to engage in a variety of activities like rafting, trekking, mountaineering and also nature walks. However, during autumn Jammu is at the peak of its beauty.


Since this land of paradise is a well-known destination for tourists, people come here to spend a comfortable and nature friendly holiday. Therefore, many inns and hotels are found in this region for convenience of tourists. Many hotels are found in close proximity of this temple to cut down on travelling expenses. Hotels are also found at the outskirts for those who want to stay away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Popular hotels found in this region are:

  • Jhelum Resorts- It is very conveniently located close to railway station and bus stand. The cuisine of the hotel is its highlight.
  • Hotel Hari Niwas- It is located on the higher slopes of Tawi River. It has breath-taking views as it overlooks large gardens and mountain ranges.

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